Rim repair and polish

I’ll be polishing and repairing my rims for my HM,DM,And X-con tommorow. I’ll post pics. I spent 6 hours outside. x_x
Hitman Before:

Hitman After:

X-Convict before:

X-Convict After:

DarkMagic before:

Dark magic after:

I also decided to mess around with my Duncan Raptor, which was once blue, and it came out like this:
Sorry, no old pics.

Well hope it goes well. The DM looks like the only one that really needs to be sanded, the others just need some polish in my opinion.

There are some un-seen scratches on the other’s, but not too major. I’ll still sand it for the sake of it. haha.

Yeah may as well do it well you have the sand paper out. C=

I polished my DMII the other day. Looks nice now.

Looks sick dude. Glad it all worked out for you. C=



Been a while since you were last on. Good to see you again. :smiley: