Can anyone give me facts and prices on the costs and maybe a video on how to do it

You need a special machine that cost 100+.

Some people here do it. Yoyoexpertman54 might do it for 10-15 bucks. He does bead blasting.

Dingo54 is starting bead blasting and Mullicabob soda blast but I’m pretty sure it’s expensive to start

Yup. I’m not sure Dingo54 has started. He has stated but no pics of his work yet.

Yup, I should be up and running within 2 days. The car I took to pick it up was too small, so my dad picked it up and should be home in 10 minutes with it. I also have 2 50 pound bags of beads coming next week in the mail, and like 10 pounds today for testing it out.

How much? And how many LB?

I was looking to get started

I can do bead blasting but its a VERY coarse grit. I don’t know, but I think its even coarser than a candyblast I think… I’ll upload some pics of the finish in a few days.

I do a bead blast with very fine bead. Has a nice smooth finish and not to pat myself on the back but I’m good at it. :wink:

$18 for a full blast price goes up if you want graphics or masked areas.

Right now bead blasting is all I’m taking orders for.

I blast for myself, that is all.

Then save up about 100-150 bucks and get one.

Then just search the Internet for beads.

Actually 300$ if you don’t already have an air compressor

O, well the ones I saw at Harbor Frieght Tools were about 1-150-500-1,000.

Having the proper air supply is the hitch. Low or lacking air supply can lead to issues like streaks and a surface that is not uniform.

I made sure I looked at the specs of my compressor prior to getting into blasting. Needless to say I have more than enough cfm and pressure if needed.

also have to make sure it isn’t to much psi so it won’t blow your gun. I just let some air put when I need

Sounds like unless you got cash and time to learn, you better leave it to the pros.