MB's Official Polish thread... Updated...7/5/14 Polished AX

Gonna have a thread devoted to my polish work in addition to the Powder, Blast and Strings.

Pretty sweet polishes!! I need to make my own thread too!

Links mentioned it to me on YYN about making a running thread instead of “clogging” up the boards. :smiley:

I think it’s a great idea cause everything is right there and people have easy access to it.

Yep, I always prefer to see mods in one place, although I think this would belong in the Yoyo Exhibition area.

Oh look, you’re great at this too.

TP Maxbet polished…

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DV888 polished…

Uh oh. I smell another epic powdercoat.

:smiley: Thats funny man.

Right now I think it’s two topics down.

Polished rims, rehab, for a pretty known looper :wink:

Wow, that looks really cool. And I’ve always hated rim polishes.


Well get ready for another one cause it’s going up now.

You got me jonesing for some TP’s after those Maxbet’s so I had to pick up two Leviathan’s ::slight_smile:

Thanks BTW

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By far the coolest and best that I’ve seen so far. Awesome.

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Leviathan 1 and 2…Love me sum TP’s

Not quite a fan of those two, but stunning work nonetheless.

How would you say Levs compare to Max Bets?

For the record it was polish for cosmetic reasons only, removing dings and scratches.

Maxbet vs. Leviathan is kind of like snap-on vs. craftsman. Both make wrenches and both get the job done just happens one feels better in your hands.

Maxbet baby! :wink: