***BA Mods!*** (FrEe MoDs) ***UpDaTe*** O_o

SpicyBroth and yoyoavenger’s Modding business!

[color=blue]We are starting our very own modding business and are offering many mods for

cheap plastic and bi-metal throws! It will be free of cost unless otherwise stated and $6 for shipping!

Remember we are beginner modders! Thanks. :wink:

[b]If a price is next to a mod, that infers that we have mastered that mod and are ready to take on commission!

[color=blue]Our mods…
-Spiral Satin ($3)

-Siliconing (free with another priced mod)

-Silicon Recess (free… still practicing)

-Weighting ($3 with your choice of weight)

-Re-shaping (free… still practicing)

-Polishing ($5)

-Painting ($10)[/b]


-Ben and Adam http://i.imgur.com/6liSI.gif

Looks like I have some competition now lol, good luck!

THANKS! lol you shouldn’t worry, were not even close to competition! :wink: you right now are my modding idol, lol!!! Your work is amazing!!!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys can do! Just ask me if you need any tips :slight_smile:

I am also looking forward to seeing what we can do lol! What is your preferred grit sandpaper?

Really depends, if I’m removing dings and dents or spiral satining, I use 150 grit, if I’m creating a satin finish, I use wet 400 grit. For polishing, I usually go up to 600 and finish with steel wool and Mothers, but I would recommend going higher.

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Thanks that helps a LOT! :slight_smile:

Have you done any yet?

Yes! Uploading pics soon! R u maybe interested?

Lets get some people signed up for our modding!!!

What kind of paint jobs are you guys doing? I may have a job for you.

WOW SWEET! First job! :slight_smile: Umm… we can do splash and speckle the best but we can do anything u wish!

I am getting a Team Losi Cherry bomb this week. I need to get a silicone recess on both halves since its starbursts wear out really fast. That and I have to see if a Duncan Spacwrs fit it to make it an A-bearing yoyo(as opposed to a Yomega E-Sized bearing).

Awesome! We can definitely do that! FYI. It will be the same quality of work as our pics on the thread for now, but with yours and others contributions, we will be even better!

I’m actually not completely sure we can change bearing size…

yah it will be very very very Tricky! I am not sure either, but practice is good, depending if mx.yoyo is still up for our modding!?!?

For the Cherry Bomb all you have to do is find Duncan spacers of that thickness.

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They make different thicknesses?

Yep. The spacers found in the Mosquito are of different thickness than those in the FH2 or FHZ.

I have a bunch of spacers at home in every size so that’s not a problem. But I ran across something. The Cherry bomb is made out of ABS so you would have to go VERY slowly to avoid melting it.