Help with mods as in... Satins, Dyes, Recesses

Hey guys,

I am looking into modding a yoyo of mine. I have watched quite a few videos on mods, but they need a little more info. I was wondering if you have any tips for, satins, dyes, recesses etc. If you could make a video and post it here. Or if you could have some pics posted, while modding in action. Please just could you give me some tips, so i don’t screw up or anything.


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It was very informative, but are there any tips or tricks for a better job?

What in specific?

Don’t say “ect”, say and exact one and then we will tell you about that one. Listing “ect” would be wastefull if you ony need a fraction of what we typed.

well for satin i would advise you to use a higher grid like 220 but if you wanted to get out scratches and dents i use 140 and wet and dry arent a big difference the only thing i can find is that dry leaves a bit of scratches but if you move the paper from side to side you shouldnt see any.
Dyeing try to use hot glue i find it works better or if the yoyo your dyeing is the color you want you can dye it all one color the put it on a drill and use sand papper and sharp screw drivers to make circles and what not.  this is my pgm i wanted a chocolate swirl.

And for reccessing and scoomve use a phonebook to help steady your hand just put enough pages so its as high as the yoyo and rest your arm there it really helps.

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Your satining info is flawed. aznenemyxp.

When you satin a yoyo all you are really doing is putting a bunch of scratches on the surface of the yoyo. Get your info straight before you go telling people what to do.

How long have you been modding and where are your pics?

I showed you my pics but I don’t have a camera that can get kind of detail and how would you know my satin jobs? And I been modding for a year on and off. And how do you satin then?

Its not how you satin. Its the fact that you are trying to remove scratches. And the scratches are what a satin is.


no scratches=no satin

I think what he ment to say was “get out ‘deep’ scratches and dents”.

yea, but when you go higher in grit and make your way to steel whool the scratches will becoume very fine and small, it doesent look like they are actually there, then you can polish it to make it look alot better

I was taliking about plastic

The best satin finishes I have played have been using high grade steel wool.

Obviously past a point you are polishing the yoyo, but until then, the higher the grade the better, rough satins look and play ugly.

The early Werrd yoyo’s that were satined were all done with steel wool, if that is a gauge for any of you. Gives it that frosted look without making uniform lines or scratches, while maintaning the low surface tension you want with a satin job.

My tip? clean the yoyo throughly before playing. I generally use tissues that are JUST damp to collect the flecks of plastic/metal.

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thanks for the tips everyone!