Mods for Legacy

Anyone know some??? Not like Silicone, Clean the bearing, stain and those easy ones but like real mods…

Add Synergy Caps (there is a trick to this), add or remove weight rings, silicone/rubber o-ring/sticker it, satin it, add thumb grinding groove, and change bearings.

Use spacers?

Gap is wide stock.

what does it mean to satin it

Satining is a refinish of a yoyo. I am cautious about these types of things. On the last post of this;;topicseen Pasquale is talking about the risks of satining. Satining is essentially used for grinding because all it does is smoothen the yoyo. I don’t know the exact way to satin but heres a video:

Rofl, that’s gotta be the worst video ever. But it gets the point across :smiley: My favorite part is him trying to talk while the camera is like right next to the vacuum. He couldn’t possibly think we were gonna hear him…could he? ???

Hahahaha. I agree. However, this was the only one I could find on youtube. And I didn’t know how to show what satining was and this was the best I could find. I don’t know. I don’t think he actually realized it. XD

I think your right! But yeah, I did a search and google said “do you mean staining a yoyo?” I was like oh lord, nvm then. So nice find! :wink:

Hahaha. Thanks though its a really bad one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is satining rally needed on a celcon yoyo like the Legacy? Celcon plastic is relly slick, and although it might not end up being better at grinding than satin-finished metal, it is grindable. And I believe satining has its porpose in removing machining marks, which a legacy probably won’t have. You can try dying it. And that’s about all the mods i know for you. But no need for satining.