The ultimate executive throw? Modified Sovereign for responsive play.

This is more for folks who have some extra cash and are new to the hobby. If you want an amazing responsive throw, keep reading… if you hate the idea of modifying limited edition throws, you may want to leave now.

So - Here’s the story. I like quality items. I am happy to pay extra for nicely machined items that do what I want and will last a lifetime. I’m also an engineer and a tinkerer/modder. I can’t leave things alone - I have to take them apart, learn about them, and improve them… or alt least (in this case) customize them to my liking.

There are a lot of folks like myself - older (and younger) that may not be as interested in learning all the tricks on the yo-yo world, but want something very high quality and just want it to do what they want… with the option to make mods later as they progress…

So - I took a gamble - and it has paid off.

I bought a Sovereign. I played a hunch that it would be an amazing throw. and it is - amazing feel and wonderful worksmanship.

But - it is a non - responsive throw… well, it WAS…

Heres what you have to do to make the Sovereign into a fully responsive throw. You see - I wanted a throw that would sleep for a LONG time and still come back with a tug… so I can learn the basic tricks, but still have full control until I learn a bind return.

  1. Get a 1/2 width bearing. I used the one from my Yotojam classic.

Note - you WILL be modifying your yoyo - but in areas where it will not be seen… i.e. the axel and the axel hubs.
2) You need to file about 1/32 to 1/16 off of the hub length… as-is they will touch before the 1/2 size bearing seats in the halves… You just take a little at a time, checking along teh way, until the bearing will seat without gapping.

  1. Shorten your axle a bit (I will confirm the exact length later as I need to do some testing so I’m ordering spares) to correspond with the amount you removed from the hub and the new bearing width… Do this a little at a time as well. I took a bit too much off and thats why I’m ordering a spare to fine tune. NOTE: The axle is threadlocked in the half - you will need a 2mm allen wrench to remove it and then you will nee to clean the threads of the hardened threadlock. After shortening - clean up the end of the axle by filing at a 45 degree angle around the circumference to make a lead-in and remove any burrs in the threads from the filing.

When done, you will have the smoothest responsive throw, that feels amazing in the hand. You can always throw the full size bearing and a full size axle back in and go to unresponsive when you learn.

Now - I know this thread will have a ton of people thinking “OHH HE JUST RUINED A SOVEREIGN!!!”

Not at all… these mods WILL decrease the value - so dont do it unless you understand that. But its MY yoyo, and it now does what I want it to do. I’m sure there are others who would like a similar mod.

Honestly - OD - you should consider making a version of the sovereign like this - market it as an executive yo-yo in the high end airline magazines and you will make a TON. The sovereign is amazing in the hand, and folks with a lot of cash will buy it as a “status” symbol toy… it will sell… I know these guys - they are all about braggin rights.

No pics?

I’ll get some up later… sorry!!! I have been swamped with family gatherings this weekend and barely had time to post this!!! Right now my kids are screaming in the other room… Ahhh the joy of a 2 and 3 year old…

Wow amazing It is refreshing to see someone with guts mess with a Yoyos integrity to his own liking this is what made this country great . People willing to step out of the box and comfort zone and take chances . This man needs to meet the Modfather in person ! Chris I suggest you PM the Modfather his name is Perry and he is the King of Mod’s. He also teaches a class at Worlds which is free to attend and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet . Cheers James

Ha ha! It’s your toy! If your having fun, thats what matters. I did that with a beat dv888.
It’s a fun throw. Makes me want a Walter!

Untitled by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr

Modified Hub
Untitled by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr

Left side is shorter hub, right side is factory length. Its not a big change…
Untitled by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr

Shorter Axle and modified hub
Untitled by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr

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And the Beauty Shots…
Untitled by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr
Untitled by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr


Unless you want to see a heavy set old dude who can’t do any tricks, its not gonna happen… :wink:

Not enough people have seen this. It’s a great mod!

So you can just slap a full-size C bearing in there and it’ll play unresponsive again?

I wouldn’t think so, but did it add any vibe?

As long as you get another axle that’s the original length it should be exactly like it was prior with the exception of the two bearing seats on each half aren’t gonna touch anymore. The yoyo half will reach the bearing and stop while you’re screwing the two halves together before the two bearing seats fully come together. Originally, while spinning the two halves together, the bearing seats on each side would come together and touch at the same time the bearing was being seated on both sides. Now, the bearing seats aren’t gonna come together fully. The axle is running through the bearing seats so there’s gonna be a very small area of however many mm he sanded off, missing and exposing the axle. I’m not exactly sure but I would think it would be just like normal, minus the bearing seating around the axle that’s running through the bearing. Does the yoyo become tightened when the bearing seats come together or when the bearing seats reach the bearing? Or is it the both of them? Would it not become tightened if the seats didn’t come together however, they still reached the bearing? Wow, how confusing. Oh, wait a minute, it should work b/c that’s how a lot of the yoyojam models work. They come with two bearings, a wide one and one that’s more narrow. What’s the difference?

I bought it so will find out how it plays. Worth a shot in my opinion. I was on the search and still am on the search for a solid metal responsive throw that doesn’t need maintenance so if C bearings cause any probs but plays correctly responsive then I’ll keep it for responsive.

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;Dok buddy i;ll take it any pics do you have the box etc…40 year old with PP thanks friend…lo till tommorow

I keep hearin Walter come up… And congrats on the purchase I think I’d have bought if I didn’t have to blow a ton on a c section on my pup, it would have made me cringe just knowing it was modded, but I too am looking for a cool metal responsive (so if you hate it keep me in mind 8) I’m not joking either).

Yea I just didnt like all the reviews of how it constantly needed just the right amount of lube. Ill prolly snag one if ever see one but not hunting for it like Ti throws. Will let you know if get rid of it for sure as I’m still searching for another sov too.

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this is awesome

Got it in the mail today, threw a c bearing in it and plays just fine. No vibe, tilt, wobble or anything.

Put me in line right behind Snafu.

Also, I am on the list for the walter, but I have the same concerns as you. It is good for only a few throws before needing to be tweaked. I think it is a worth addition to my collection, but not the great responsive throw I am looking for.

BTW - I got one of these recently:

If you want a nice high performance old school metal, this plays better than the Kuhn SB-2.

Dang it now I feel the need to find one (can you PM me what it set you back?).  I’m curious as to the point of stacking 2 small bearings in there “beef caking”.  Nice looking though thanks for sharing!

I find myself almost needing to find a really nice responsive metal as I use a cane and like to throw a yoyo while walking but my cane gets in the way for non responsive play and walking.

I’ll post it right here. It’s no big secret. I paid $20 in the B/S/T.,64416.0.html