Sovereign for sale

Excellent condition - modified for responsive play.  Easy to convert back, just add a wider bearing.

Here is a thread with pics and details on the Mod I performed…,60798.0.html

Looking for $150 shipped, paypal’d…

Thanks guys!

P.s. - feel free to check my ebay rating - ID escher2… over 400 transactions 100%.

Easy to undo your modification? I don’t think so since you filed down the hub area! :-\

Nope, sounds like you can just throw a wide bearing in and it’ll play unresponsive.

Doesnt matter…to undo the mod you would have to unfile the hub area because he filed it down!

Understandable its $150 :frowning: sort of makes me cringe, but it seems playable, but sadly I cannot afford it, having to pay for my dog to have an emergency c section. Good luck with your sale! I know someone will buy it and it looks nicely done but still sort of an ouch, but like you said its yours and you needed and wanted it to do something else.

Do you happen to have the box and the little inside notion box and strings that came with it?

So how do some yoyojam’s have the option of 2 different bearings, one narrow and one wide depending on if the person wants to play unresponsive or responsive, and all you have to do is switch out the bearings. I know it can’t go both ways, that’s why the seat had to be filed down, but if it works on any yoyojam or any other yoyo, why would it not be the same for this one, as long as the original axle was in it?

You have a totally valid point, but the issues is perceived as ruining a really high end titanium. It looks like it was done in a proper fashion with little issue affecting play in responsive or unresponsive play. So I am in agreement with you no harm no foul, and of the end of the day there was a need that was met with a file and a little time.

Thanks guys - It was sold last night.

As to the mod - I swapped the standard bearing in last night and it hasnt affected play.

Honestly - the amount of material removed in the hub area is minuscule.

Its not a hard mod - and just just have to take it slow and be aware not to take too much off, and keep testing fit until the smaller bearing fits correctly.

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