Can i Modify my Magic yoyo T5 Overlord to a responsive yoyo?

Hey there i was thinking about modif my Magic T5 Overlord, i was getting to the yoyo community and i just bought this yoyo. I was thinking about buying a responsive one but its gonna double the money to buy another yoyo, so i bought an unresponsive one. But it was hard to play an unresponsive when you’re a beginner. So i wanna modif my yoyo, from your experience can you modif your Magicyoyo T5 Overlord to become a responsive yoyo?

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I can’t find my Overlord right now but I’m pretty sure it has a very short axle so you should be able to purchase a narrow C bearing to replace the wide bearing which will make it responsive. Or you could purchase thick lube to put in the wide bearing to make it semi-responsive. It’s a heavy feeling yoyo and personally I would not want to play it responsive. Welcome to the Forums!


Thx for the information

Where do you live? You may be able to pick up a cheap responsive like a Duncan Butterfly XT for less than the price of a new bearing and axle.


No, You can not put a narrow bearing in a T5. The inner posts, where the axle is screwed in, are too long.



Shoot. I was hoping…

May be i can buy a new axle?
Idk i just join the community so i dont really understand

The part where the red arrows are in the picture. These “nipples” are a bit too long.
If you screw your yo-yo together they will touch before the gap is tight enough for a narrow bearing. A shorter axle won’t change that. Sorry.


Oh thx for the information

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you’re welcome.

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Learn how to bind since you have a pretty decent unresponsive yoyo and save up your money for a responsive yoyo.

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I’ve already learned how to bind but when i was going to do the other stuff its hard so i was going to learn the basics

Or i just buy a cheap no brand responsive yoyo?

Maybe some stores in Indonesia sell some decent responsive yoyos. Most likely if it is very, very cheap it will be garbage.

You don’t need a responsive to learn most basics.

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You could modify it, if you had a dremel tool and the guts to grind the bearing axle posts down. I don’t reccomend doing that to your only or favorite yoyo, but, i did that to a magicyoyo aurora, so i could put in a half spec. If ur realy careful, you could grind just enough to balance the halfs a little maybe.

BUT, 30 ish bucks and some sketchy dremel work and bam! Light up responsive that runs amazingly for what it is.

Other option, try lubing the bearing, but it has some downsides. It can be cleaned again if you dont like the lube.

Thx for the information:)

Ive already learned few tricks, like brain twister,walk the dog, rock the baby,and im trying to do other tricks too.