N sized bearings

I’m wondering if I can used N sized bearings to make unresponsive yoyos responsive. I guess I could just try, but, has anyone done this? Could I drop one into a yoyo that normally uses a C bearing and get it to be responsive? I imagine I’d need to get the silicone to not be flush or concave.

I’d just like to have a responsive high end metal yoyo that is more modern than a Kuhn’s SB-2 or something.

you may need to shorten the axle or modify the bearing seat, it just depends on the yoyo you want to make responsive

I figure I’ll do it on a yoyo with a “through” axle to be safe. The bearing seat should be the same as the only difference between an N and a C is the width if I’m not mistaken.

there was a thread recently of someone modifying something high end (I think it might have been a sovereign but I can’t quite remember for sure) and they had to shave don’t the bearing seat 'cause the two sides of the bearing seat came into contact before the yoyo screwed down tight on the N bearing

Wow. I don’t think I’d do that to my sovereign.

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Why don’t you just lube the bearing sufficiently. That will make it responsive.
95% of the response (or lack of) is in the bearing condition (lubed or not lubed).

That doesn’t mean your large gapped yoyo full of lube will play well. A 4.5+mm gap packed full of thick lube to make it responsive sounds like the worst thing you could possibly play.

A “C” sized bearing doesn’t generally have a 4.5 mm+ gap (as in most YYJ models).
(of course one could argue that most YYJ yoyos are horrible :wink: )

He said he is looking for a high end responsive metal yoyo. Take a look at the new releases page, guarantee 4/5s of them are above 4.5. YYJ doesn’t generally list gap-size, but the Next Level, the first model listed on their page to include gap size, is 5mm.

OP, you need a Walter.


I think what might be good is if someone made a good metal yoyo that is like the DM2/Legacy II/SFX/other dual-bearing YYJ’s, but take it to a different level:

For proper play, the yoyo has a shorter axle and an N-sized bearing for those wanting responsive play, and a longer axle for use with a full spec C bearing.

I guess it all depends on how you read what he has to say. maybe I’m reading between the lines too much.

Well, I’m on the list with the Walter guy. He has a number of people who are ahead of me, but I’m on the list. I have made offers on them in the B/S/T with no luck so far, and have offered more than fair prices.

I just wonder what a yoyo like a YYR might be like as a responsive yoyo. The problem with the walter is the problem with the earlier suggestion, not looking to use lube to make it responsive. I guess I can just double/triple up the string wrap around the bearing.

WHat I am looking for is a YYJ Classic, made by TP or YYR. :smiley:

In the end, lube is what makes a yoyo responsive. A large gapped, lubed yoyo is only a horrible thing in the minds of people who want unresponsive play. There is nothing inherently wrong with the concept.

But htis is not the only thing that makes a yoyo responsive. My YYJ classic is responsive. Narrow gap and rubber o-ring make it so. Looking to do the same for a YYR I have a triplet I’d love to do this with.

A N bearing is a Slim C bearing.

Yoyojam just gave it the name. Or that is the name but still its C sized.

BTW - this:

is exactly what I want to do. I guess it’s time to mod the YYR Triplet I have here in just these ways.

After I get it working, I plan to send it off to England for ano as soon as he is taking new orders.

lol that’s the thread I was talking about earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, and thanks to you, I found it. I am planning the exact same mod on a YYR triplet. I bought a raw A- grade raw triplet for cheap, and want to both make it responsive, and send it for custom ano. It should make a fine “executive throw” as the sovereign modder described his.

I spent some time tonight throwing both my triplet and my sovereign. I think both would make great responsive throws.

This only works for a short time. I used about 3 larger drops of yyj thick lube and well to be honest I got about 4 hours of unresponsive play before I had to lather, scrub, rinse and repeat.

Use Yomega thick lube. 4 drops in that sucker and you’ll be playing responsive for quite awhile. I’ve went for weeks before I got sick of the responsiveness and cleaned the bearing. You’ll be dead silent, too!

I’ve done this with my E=Mc^2 and it played great!