Responsive C bearings are where?

So where does one purchase replacement responsive size C bearings?

It’s not a thing you can purchase as far as I’m aware but you can buy thick lube to make a C bearing responsive

Yeah - you can make any bearing responsive using thick lube. :blush:

There are also ‘narrow’ Size C Bearings but they only will fit in certain yo-yos - thick lube is the way to go (and you can also add extra wraps around the bearing if need be too with the string to increase responsiveness).


Oh my goodness. I using the singer oil to lube my bearings. But it is safe to using this to lube any yoyo bearings?


Or perhaps you mean the 1/2 spec?

Look for “Half Bearing” in the pull down menu.


No, I’m referring to Size C bearings that are narrower than usual, the idea being that a standard C bearing creates a gap too wide for responsive play.

^Look at my post please

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Ah, yes, that’s it! Thanks!

So just to clarify


  • SPEC XS Bearing Loop 900/1080 (Size B???)
  • Mighty Flea Bearing (Size E)
  • SPEC X Bearing - 10 Ball (Size C) - 250 x .500 x .187 in
  • SPEC Large Bearing (Size C) - 250 x .500 x .187 in
  • SPEC Small Bearing (Size A) - 5x10x4 mm

Per this

  • Size A - The A bearing fits most Duncan, Playmaxx, YoYoFactory, ZanNavi and many other yo-yos. Measures 5 x 10 x 4mm, part number MR105. Relatively common in looping and small bearing 5A yo-yos.
  • Size B - This bearing fits small bearing YoYoJam yo-yos, including the SpinFaktor series (but not the HG or the SFX), Kamaitachi, Sunset Trajectory, Matrixx, and certain other yo-yos. It also fits the SuperYoRenegade, and the Spintastics Revolver and Eclipse yo-yos. Measures .250 x .375 x .125 (1/4" x 3/8" x 1/8"), part number R168. Good for looping yo-yos.
  • Size C - Fits large-bearing YoYoJam yo-yos including the Hitman, Lyn Fury, Spinmaster 2 and 3, Big Ben, Patriot, Night Moves 2 and 3, Shockwave 3, the Speeder and the Speedmaker, as well as the YoYoFactory G5 and 888 and many other yo-yos today. This size has become the most popular for competition-level 1A yo-yos. Measures .250 x .500 x .187 inches (1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16") or 6.35 x 12.7 x 4.7498mm, part number R188.
  • Size D - Commonly fits B.I.S.T., HSpin, SPYY, and XCube yo-yos. Measures 5mm x 11mm x 5mm. (0.196" x 0.433" x 0.196"), part number 685, or alternatively part number MR115 for the 4mm wide bearing. Some yo-yos made by companies in Japan or the United States had produced yo-yos that use this bearing size, due to its faster rotational speed than the C size.
  • Size E - Fits the Spintastics Tornado 2, Tigershark, Riot, Great White, Comet, Torch, and Firefly, and Yomega small bearing yo-yos such as the Raider. Measures .156" x .312" x .125" (or 3.962 x 7.925 x 3.175mm), part number R155. Similar in size to the bearing used by the YoYoFactory Mighty Flea, and as such, there’s often confusion between the two sizes.

That’s a great amendment to the diagram! Thank you!

No, it doesn’t. As noted, lube the bearing. This has worked well since the beginning of time (so to speak).

Yes it is…

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Technically a half SPEC bearing could still be unresponsive if it is completely clean spinning. But it is definitely going to help make any yoyo more responsive and regardless no problem to bind. This is how some of YoYoJam’s offstrings shipped for awhile.

@zslane what YoYo is this for? Half Spec will not fit in ‘everything’, etc.

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A Recess First Base.

It comes pre-installed with what its documentation refers to as a “slim” bearing. And the wide “upgrade” bearing looks like a typical Center Trac bearing.

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…but it’s not the same…

Yes. Perfect then. :blush:

They’re getting tougher to get, but R188 Rubber Shield bearings are usually packed with grease, and are great for responsive yoyos. I’ve got them in pretty much all of my yoyos that are setup responsive. But the last pack of them I bought I returned, they were all unresponsive. I’ve started making my own. Just take the shield off of the bearing, get some bearing grease (AutoZone, or hardware stores would have it), then pack the bearing with it and put the shield back on. Will stay responsive for quite a long time.