Bearing size (and maintenence) for a responsive yoyo.

I hope that this is the appropriate place to ask this. I realize that it’s unusual to mod with responsiveness in mind.

As a project, I’m planning on taking some old, broken fixed-axle yoyos and upgrading them with bearings.

It seems like most of the newer “beginner” yo-yos that ship responsive, such as the YYJ Classic or the YYF ONE, are fitted with “Half Spec” narrow C bearings.

I’ve never really found the half-spec responsive setup to be ideal. When I would try to play with a half-spec Legacy III, the string would rub against the response and the yoyo would be dying on tricks that I could easily do with a Raider (e.g., Brain Twister). The half-spec size just doesn’t seem to tolerate much string in the gap. I found that using a wide bearing with thick lube made for much better play.

Is there any advantage to using a half-spec bearing, aside from the easy upgrade to a wide bearing for unresponsive play? If you were to make a dedicated (non-upgradeable) responsive yoyo, would you be more likely to go for a half spec bearing or something with a smaller radius?

I’m currently planning on using “A” bearings for this upcoming project, since I have bearing seats from a Duncan bearing kit handy, but I was curious as to what people’s thoughts were on the half-spec size. Is it anything more than a compromise made for throws designed to “transition” players into unresponsive play?

I don’t think “A” bearings are available in the “half spec” version. As far as I know the “half spec” only comes in .125 x .500 x .187 in. The standard size for an “A” bearing is 5x10x4 mm. Just stick with that.

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Thanks, jhb8426! I think I did a bad job of explaining my question. I’m not considering a “half spec” A bearing! I know that I can adjust the gap by switching out bearing seats.

My question is, does a non-upgradeable responsive yoyo benefit in any way by having a size “N” bearing instead of a size “A?”

“N” is a half spec. I don’t think there’s any benefit to that. I’ve had a spintastics tiger shark and used an SPR kit to change it to a larger diameter “C” size. Same diameter as an “N” and I don’t think it improved it in any way. The stock spintastics is close to an “A” bearing in size.

The “A” bearing is 5mm or .2 in. wide. The “N” is .125 wide so you’re loosing gap size with it.

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