Responsive to unresponsive


Hi, i bought a yomega glide yoyo and i would turn it from responsive to unresponsive. Is it possible change the bearing only? Thanks


Have you tried just cleaning the bearing and running it dry (w/o lube)? That is one of the biggest factors in response, or lack thereof in yoyos, all else being the same.


I don’t, but i thiught this because bearing size is really small…


It’s a pretty standard size (C bearing), not what most would call small.


It’s a narrrow c bearing, not standard.


If you’re trying to make it more responsive you can add some thick lube to the bearing.


Sorry, but I want to make it unresponsive, not more responsive. Thanks guy


OK, then replace it with a standard “C” bearing. You may be able to find one locally at a store that sells RC cars or helicopters. Std “C” is .250 x .500 x .187 inches. (ID, OD, W)