Sharper Image Yoyo Mods

Hey everyone,
I have had a sharper image yoyo for about 9 months now and haven’t really played with it. What could I do to make it unresponsive? And what other mods could I do? Thanks in advance!

Post pics of it?

I can’t cause of my phone but I will get a link for it…one sec

Hmm well since I don’t know how the guts look/work, you could either:
Get a wider bearing (assuming the stock bearing is a ‘slim’ bearing)
Get a longer axle and add spacers
Clean the bearing if it’s rather locked up and thus the cause of the responsiveness
Take out one side of the response

Thanks and I will try to post pics tomorrow.

Here is thread about the yoyo from a while back. There aren’t really any mods to make a yoyo like this play better.

Thanks! And that’s to bad there is nothing I can do to it, but I did get it as a gift so I will just probably end up keeping it.