List of Trustworthy Modders

This is a list of trustworthy modders and what services they offer. To be on this list, modders must show skill and dependability in modding yo-yos as well as be a trustworthy member of the community. However, this list is not connected to YoYoExpert in any way. Use of these modders’ services is at your risk. Please contact them for more information on what they do and their pricing.

Active Modders

He does custom anodizing work. Take a look at his mod thread.

J-Rod does pad recesses, silicone recesses, schmoove rings, removes starbusts and sticker lips, dyes celcon and polycarbonate, paints, sands, reshapes, and is working to perfect making custom, hand turned delrin yoyos.

He does hub replacements, custom weight rings, custom parts/bodies, etc. He has experience hand turning yo-yos in addition to CNC production runs. He ‘can’ do all the simple stuff, but he charges a premium for it as he doesn’t like doing it.

Landon Balk aka 3yo3 aka Yoking
He makes custom yo-yos and has experience hand turning yo-yos in addition to CNC production runs. He also does 70’s butterfly bearing mods, recesses, weight rings etc. Stripped axle repair.

He does silicone and pad recessing, schmoove rings, highwalls, SPR mods, patterned satin jobs, and hand turns custom yo-yos from wood and delrin. Take a look at his mod thread.

Does powder coats, polishes, recesses on both metal and plastic, bearing sizing, and hub mods. Take a look at his mod thread. Stripped axle repair.

Inactive Modders

He does polishing and bead blasting. Take a look at his mod thread.

Jeromy K.
Mostly handles finishes like polishing, bead blasting, satining and engraving. He also makes string and yoyo holders.

Free hand Zero/Duncan mods: silicone recess, sticker lip removal, schmoove rings, and sonic bearing cleaning. Also light plastic ding repair and polish.

Cyclontzy (He has stopped modding)
He can do silicone recesses, pad recesses, starburst removal, satining ect.

Evan (He has not logged into the forum since November 14, 2010)
Satin, Silicone Recess, Schmoove, Bearing Cleaning, makes Counterweights

[url=;u=2334]Modfather (He has become fairly inactive and is no longer modding)
He does silicone recesses, sticker recesses, and reshaping. He also polishes metals and makes yo-yo cases.

He does bead blasting, soda blasting, polishing, and powder coating.

Silicone/Sticker recesses, chops, schmooves, standard and spiral satining as well as polishing. He does both Metals or plastics.

He does recesses and other various mods. Also, he lives in Australia so he would be the man to go to for people down there.

If you feel that someone deserves to be on this list but is not, or if any information in this post is incorrect, please contact mrcnja or one of the other moderators.


i mod/make yoyos

I just got an awesome mod by 3yo3 which I recommended him an A++.


I would love to learn how to do some mods. I probably wouldn’t offer to mod for people online, but I would love to learn how to do it for myself, and maybe my friends. What tools do most people use to do a silicone recess?

most of the great modders have lathes. Some use drills and some have drill presses. For the recess if, you don’t have access to a lathe, is a jewlers screwdriver.

For those who care, I am now offering modding services. The List has been updated accordingly.

The list has been updated. Please confirm that the information contained within it is correct.

Change log:
List was separated into active and inactive modders
England1414, mullicabob, and dingo54 were added to the list
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List’s header and footer were modified and cleaned up

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Moved myself back to the active area. Just ordered a new lathe and I should be up and running in a couple of weeks. If you’re one of the people who’ve been waiting on me to finally replace my broken lathe, get in touch. :slight_smile:

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mrcnja, could you move me back to the active modders section?

I’ll be taking on a limited amount of work, so if anyone needs anything done, hit me up!

Ima bump this thread and ask hey jhb what happened to Luke vader?!!

He was not a very active member here, only making a few posts, all in the BST section.

Anyone have people to add to this? Who is still active?

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I don’t know, do I count?

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I thik yo do glen…

I don’t really mod them, just hand turn them.

That is even better as it is modding parts to be a yoyo!

I know this is an old thread, but just throwing it out there that I’m taking some mods work again. Just finishing up 4 bearingized Duncan Wheels. You can DM me here or email me at