Will the shop here on Yoyoexpert, recess a yo-yo for me?

Hey everyone,
I was just wandering, “Will the shop here on Yoyoexpert, recess a yo-yo for me, when I buy a yo-yo, and if they do, how much will it cost?”.
Thank you in advance.

Most likey not. But if you call and ask… you never know.

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Thank you for the reply, but no they don’t do it.

You can go on yoyoguy and get it done there by the modfather he recesses stuff and a lot of other mods and theres another place too but i forgot where it was though.

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There are many people on here that can mod pretty darn good. however i suggest finding a really trustworthy person before you go and let them have at it. But its still an option, Ive been told I can mod a Mosquito pretty dang good. Later.

Keep it spinning™[/color]

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Speaking of Modders, Icthus is a COMPLETELY trustworthy modder, and he does some of the coolest mods ive seen.

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Why thank you Connor. I had a list of trustworthy modders here that should have been stickied but seems like there is usually no one here to do that sort of thing. I’ll find it for you.

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Thank you for the help, sorry, but I would prefer having a yo-yo company modifying it before they send it out.
Would Yoyofactory, Duncan, or any other yo-yo company modify a yo-yo, when I buy a yo-yo from them, before they send it out, by the way, does a yo-yo that uses a medium CBC pads as in the Die-Nasty need to be recessed in order to use RTV silicone or double-o-rings? (All I would want them to do is recess a yo-yo, that has a sticker response.)

if it has a silicone sticker like yoyofactorys have they do not need to be recessed because the recess that has the sticker is deep enough for silicone

but if it has friction stickers like duncans it does need to be recessed for you to be able to put silicone in it

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If the company changed it before selling it… it wouldn’t be a mod, it would be stock :slight_smile:

Mods are something the community has invented… companies don’t do it… you’re just changing their designs.

In the mod section there is a list of trustworthy people to mod for you. You can probably have your yo-yo shipped directly to them if you want… so by the time you ever see it, it will be modified however you want.


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Would the area where the k-pads and CBC pads of Yoyofactory yo-yos be deep enough for RTV silicone or double-o-rings? (I forgot to ask about k-pads, and I didn’t know if k-pads or CBC pads are silicone stickers or not.)

k-pads and cbc pads are made out of the same thing just different sizes

any yoyofactory with a silicone sticker(k-pad) has a groove deep enough for silicone but i do not think you can put o rings in it

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If they are different sizes, then would RTV silicone fit in the area where cbc pads are?
Thank you for all your help.(The only responses I tried out so far would be, starbursts, silicone, double-o-rings, and a yo-yo with an autoclutch, but I am starting to get preference about the response.)

You won’t be able to fit o-rings in a k-pad response area, but if the diameters for YYJ silicone are the same, you could definitely use those. Also, you can use flowable silicone, but regular o-rings won’t work because they are round and can’t grip anything.

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Thank you for the help, everybody, I think I will put a few yo-yos with cbc pads and some with k-pads on my Christmas list, and either when the response wheres out or if I don’t like the response for some reason, I would probably put rtv silicone in it, and I won’t have to have it recessed.