Help a N00B Mod

So today I found one of my first throws ever, a few years back I had a duncan mosquito. I found it today, pads missing and a bearing missing so I was wondering what are some things I can do to it. Also granted this is an old model and there are no screws to take off the caps. Also remember this is my first mod so links to how to do some stuff would be appreciated.

Well, for starters buy a bearing. :wink:

You could recess the sticker recess for silicone.

Can you do that with a mosquito without taking out the axle?

I do have extra bearing I can use. Granted it is a C bearing so I already plan to take out the current axle and replace it.

The Mosquito has an A size bearing. And to mod the Mosquito, you have to find a way to pry the caps off.

If you want to get inside it. I recommend Schmoove, Highwall, and Silicone Recess. You can also add washers to the inside once you get the caps off.

Alright, so you wanted to know some mosquito mods? Click Here!

There are two on that thread. The blue on at the top, and the yellow one about halfway down. It should tell you what mods I did to them.

Changing to a ā€œCā€ size bearing is major surgery, best done on a lathe.

Lathes are for winners! Well Yoyospirit is a winner too even though he has no lathe. His drill mods are top notch.