!!!URGENT!!! Mosquito Mod !!!URGENT!!!

YO PEEPS, I told my friend I’d Mod his mosquito, any help??? I’d like to make It sleep long, and have it be unresponsive.

[shadow=red,left]HELP, I NEED THIS SOON!!![/shadow] http://HELP!!!

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Clean the bearing, remove one pad, and replace the last pad with a silicone sticker, satin it, and add weight rings :wink:

Clean the Bearing= Soak in Mineral Spirits for 5 minutes.
Remove a pad= Take one pad out
Replace the last pad with a silicone sticker means…remove the pad and replace it with a something…
Satin it= Sand grooves into the rims parallel with the spin to make it grind better
Add weight rings= Add metal weights from another yoyo… I forget, or maybe you can buy it.

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Buy a ceramic konkave bearing.

Uhh no offense but I don’t think a he should get a KKC for a mosquito. lol

Why not?

Put a KonKave bearing on it! ;D

It’s a little too much to spend on a Mosquito(IMO). But if he wants to go all out, then to heck with price. ;D

you can make your own wight rings. If you have some bailing wire you can just form fit it to the inside of the yo yo like what I did. Also take off the shields on the bearing it will make it smoother. Other than that I can’t really help with making a vid on how to mod it. Later.

Keep it spinning™

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lol… Eight dollar yoyo with a thirty dollar bearing…

Ya, that’s what I thought

Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:
At least at my local Wal-Marts

i started yoyoing with a mosquito- $6.00 at Wal-Mart XD

You can probably stick washers or something like that to the rims of the caps of the Mosquito.

Go to the hardware store, there bound to have washers there that will fit into the sidecaps!