!!!URGENT!!! Mosquito Mod !!!URGENT!!!


YO PEEPS, I told my friend I’d Mod his mosquito, any help??? I’d like to make It sleep long, and have it be unresponsive.

[shadow=red,left]HELP, I NEED THIS SOON!!![/shadow] http://HELP!!!

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Clean the bearing, remove one pad, and replace the last pad with a silicone sticker, satin it, and add weight rings :wink:


Clean the Bearing= Soak in Mineral Spirits for 5 minutes.
Remove a pad= Take one pad out
Replace the last pad with a silicone sticker means…remove the pad and replace it with a something…
Satin it= Sand grooves into the rims parallel with the spin to make it grind better
Add weight rings= Add metal weights from another yoyo… I forget, or maybe you can buy it.


Buy a ceramic konkave bearing.

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Uhh no offense but I don’t think a he should get a KKC for a mosquito. lol


Why not?

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Put a KonKave bearing on it! ;D

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It’s a little too much to spend on a Mosquito(IMO). But if he wants to go all out, then to heck with price. ;D


you can make your own wight rings. If you have some bailing wire you can just form fit it to the inside of the yo yo like what I did. Also take off the shields on the bearing it will make it smoother. Other than that I can’t really help with making a vid on how to mod it. Later.

Keep it spinning™

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lol… Eight dollar yoyo with a thirty dollar bearing…


Ya, that’s what I thought


Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:
At least at my local Wal-Marts


i started yoyoing with a mosquito- $6.00 at Wal-Mart XD

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You can probably stick washers or something like that to the rims of the caps of the Mosquito.

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Go to the hardware store, there bound to have washers there that will fit into the sidecaps!