mosquito to an 4a yoyo

ok so i want to make an offstring yoyo out of a mosquito any tips plz

Well, take the yo-yo off the string, then learn from here:

The mosquito is probably fine right now, except you might want to put a little more weight in it. I would suggest rubber rims, but that’s very hard to do without causing super mega vibey wobble unless you have super mega awesome modding skills.

So I guess just send it to Icthus or add some extra weight in the caps.

i wanna do rubber rims but i dont know what to use

i ALMOST got the weight rings from my fhz to go in a groove i made on the edge of my legacy (i got one on and the other one broke while i was using the yoyo, it was fairly smooth, no crazy vibe or wobble), so they should fit on a mosquito with no problem. all you have to do is spin it on a drill, and use a small jewlers screwdriver that is sharpened with a radius on the end and make a groove on each side in as close to the same spot as you can and stretch the rubber weight rings over the edge so they sit in the groove. the rings should stay in place if theyre a tight fit but you could always add a drop or two of super glue to keep them in place.

now that im thinking of it, im gonna get a flying squirrel next time i go to the store, recess it and do this and see how it comes out

Or just get some large o-rings and fit them into the inside of the rims for more weight. You don’t need to give it rubber rims.


you could, like brian said, get the o-rings.
you could aslo take the caps off and put these in there for some added weight:
these are duncan weight rings that’ll fit some yoyo’s(i’m not sure if they’ll fit the mosquito)
another thing: take off a friction sticker and lube/clean the bearing. i tried some 4A with the mosquito without cleaning or lubing the bearing: it wouldn’t even come off teh string!

NOOOOOO!!! Won’t it maybe cause vibe if it dries unevenly? I’m
a modder (real modder, not kid who attempts sili recess)btw but I doubt
I’ve been doing it as long as you.

I would reccomend Aquarius rings, just cause I think they’re the best, but
I’ve never done an Aquarius/mosquito rim job so good luck.

could those fit a speed maker? Becouse I’m used to the DM’s weight but i like the plastic of a SM,

Don’t worry. I was kidding. It would be near impossible to use plastidip and get it right.
I think that you should look on the bst and find a monkey or panda to learn on. You can get them VERY CHEAP!!

i’m not sure but I think so.  if you would get the rings they would go inside the lip where the cap is not around it here’s an exmple:
ok just look through the pictures. you shoud see a kickside with the rings on. see how they go where the cap is instead of going around the rims?
the rings seem to fit thethe kickside pretty snug so i’m not sure if they will fit the speedmaker since the smeepmaker is a bit smaller than the kickside.