Looking for mosquito mod

I’m looking for a good duncan mosquito weight mod not using weight rings. Any & all ideas welcome.

Satin finish, silicone recess, KonKave bearing, why not weight rings?

I was just looking for something different than the weight rings.

Well if you just want straight weight you can glue like metal BB’s or some small metal pieces into the inside of the rims. Might add wobble or vibe though.

Well the reason people use weight rings in the Mosquito is just because it’s seriously light. Just get some metal rings in a proper size at a hardware store.

This is really simple but do something with the friction stickers. I took off one even though it is still responsive.

fill both sides with play doh.

:smiley: That’s awesome.

Replace the Play Doh with spaghetti.

Careful when doing that, it gave my mosquito a vibe.

That is always the first thing I do to the mosquitos.

Try this:

I did a similar thing to my Speed Beetle when I was waiting for my DM to pop in the mail. Sleep time improved 10 seconds. :slight_smile: