my first mod and i need a little help. pics added.

so i bought a duncan misquito from walmart and moded it. i colored the body black and put those sticky things u use to put up hooks without puting a hole in the wall inside to add waight. it looks really cool and works a lot better but it still isnt heavy enough. what can i do to make it heaveyer?                                      

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thx ill try that.

Ok you can quote this and use the link for the pics, assuming the pics actually work.

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For weight, I would get metal bb’s and superglue them in. Get 32, 16 for each side. Make sure the glue is 100% dry before you put the caps back on or else it will dry and you will be sad that you cant take the caps off of your mosquito.

I glued small nuts in mine. The metal kind. not the kind you eat.

I heard stuffing in o-rings work… And if you put in metal weights, put in two at a time (opposite sides) because once you glue it in, it’ll be hard to take out.

thx a lot guy but i just put more sticky things. those are really good ideas and i’ll probably use those for my next mod like this. how was this for a 1st mod?

Good first mod :slight_smile:

Usually it is Siliconing or Bearing cleaning but this is a great first mod, quite creative.

well i did clean and lube the bearing but i dont really consider that much of a mod.

Hmm the pics don’t seem to be working. Oh well. Nice job anyways. I was going to suggest BBs but I forgot. :stuck_out_tongue:

O-rings would also work too. If you get them just big enough, they’ll stay in due to friction and then yay! Ha. It would be similar to weighting the PGMs then.

the pics worked.