Mosquito Mods

I decided to mod a mosquito and felt like posting pictures and seeing how others mods turned out. So feel free to show your pics of you modded mosquito.

I put in chu pads from YYN, Put in copper weight rings, (My Dad had copper wire and I made a ring out of it, it’s now about 60 grams) cleaned the bearing, and sprayed it with black spray paint and splashed it with red acrylic paint then put a clear coat on it. It’s got dots from sitting in my case. Enjoy the pics! ;D

Cool Mod!

Nice! love the paint job ;D

well these are my mods, i used silly putty for the weight, so if i wanted to i could just take it out, and it molds to the yoyo…

Let’s not necropost shall we.

where are your friction stickers contagon