Mosquito mods.

Anybody have any good mosquito mods?
I put dif pads, and alchemy string on mine, and its semi unresponsive.
Any way to make it even more unresponsive?

I have a mosquito, and I have tried some things that made it pretty unresponsive.
I got dif-pads and wore them out a lot, then I took out the small duncan bearing and switched it out with a yoyofactory bearing, then cleaned it out and put thin lube in it.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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The best way to mod a Mosquito is to buy a Squirrel.

It really depends on your skill, but if this is your first mod I recomend sili recessing it and satining it. I do not know how to post a link, but if you use the search button you should get good results.

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Sili recess
Ceramic Kon Kave
PFS or G-string
Add Weights (Washers)

try a hspin bearing or a dif-e-yo bearing then try putting some rubbing alcohol in a cup then let it set over night then in the morning take it out then let it dry for at least two hours then run it under water for 5 minutes then put some light machine oil in it [at least 1 drop] then spin it on a pencil to get it all in there and lubed up hope that helps :wink:

Well whqt i did was opened it up, then put in silly putty, kinda in a ring, then eyed the wieght and tried to make it even (didnt use a scale), and then your good to go i leftthe rest normal, the pads wear out which causes the weight to maje it semi unresponsive, so i hope i helped

use electricle tape for the responce thats what im rolling and it is dead unresponsive