Making Duncan Mosquito Unresponsive

My Duncan Mosquito is the yoyo that always inspires me to play, don’t know why but it does.

I cleaned the bearing and put a drop of thin lube in. When I put the bearing in it screamed, and I mean that thing is loud. It plays decent though I could a brain twister and dizzy baby, but it is still tug responsive. Both friction stickers are in and there is no starburst underneath. If I take a sticker off I’m worried about the reside left behind ending up on the string.

How did you clean the bearing? How did you apply lube? You may have undone the cleaning with the lube.

These yoyos are meant for responsive play.

Take one sticker off. If there is any residue use lighter fluid to remove it (zippo or ronsonol type). It won’t hurt it, at least those 2 won’t.

I think the mosquito is meant to be responsive. It says in the review on here the reviewer removed one of the stickers as mentioned above. You can also try a concave bearing if its still too grabby.

It’s a what, 7 dollar yoyo? Heck ya, it’s meant to be responsive!

First off, clean it again, take out one FS. Use a pin and dip it in the lube and touch the bearing.

Since the Mosquito, like my Dragon Fly, has a super small gap, the string rubs on the sides giving the yoyo more response.

Cleaned it with acetone, put the lube in with a needle.

I’ll be sure to try that and see how it goes.

I will probably get a size A concave for I when I get a new one. (Got to wait a little while so my parents don’t lecture about how didn’t you just get a new yoyo) Since I’m beginning to look closer at it I can see that it’s pretty beaten up after taking many hits against the concrete. (I got it who knows how long ago) Can’t guarantee the bearing either after learning how to clean a bearing I cleaned got some lube and tried my hand at cleaning it. Tiny pieces of hair came out of the bearing that had been in there who knows how long.


Yeah! That’ll work!

Make your yoyo unresponsive wide, and you have a left over bearing!

Only 5.00…

But you have to wait, my parents are the same. I haven’t bought anything in a while…