My flying squrrel is acting weird

I just got it today and it came out of the box responsive. So I took of the friction stickers and there was a starburst pattern, So I left it like that. When I tried to throw a sleeper the yoyo didn’t roll off the string well. It just kinda dropped. When I had the friction stickers on it was spinning fine. I want my yoyo spinning smooth and unresponsive. Can anyone fix this?

It’s just slipping because there’s nothing holding the string to the side of the yoyo. If you take the response out, there is also no way to bind. Put the stickers back in, and try cleaning the bearing. A lot of Duncan’s yoyos have lubed bearings. Cleaning it should make it unresponsive.

Here’s a tut to clean it.

Yes, you need response systems in. That’s why they’re calld “response” system. The string has nothing to grab on. To make it unresponsive just clean the bearing, best way. Or lubing the bearing correctly to make it a bit more smoother.

If correctly lubed, it’ll ebe semi-responsive, but within 1-3 days of normal play, it should wear in and become, smooth, unresponsive, and make the bearing safe.

Ok, thanks man, I’ll try that!

I cleaned the bearing and lubed but it’s still responsive, it’s not as responsive as before but its not how I want it. How do I fix this?

Try not lubing it. That makes the bearing run dry, and almost every dry bearing would be unresponsive.

If still responsive, see if there’s any debris or things on the bearing seat.

Also, hold the inner ring of the bearing and flick the bearing. Do you feel roughness?

But I use lighter fluid and the tutorial on how to clean a bearing said lighter fluid will leave a sticky residue.

lighter fluid works well, i’ve never had problems with any sticky residue. i put the bearing on a chopstick and spin(by hand) the excess out of the bearing after cleaning. the friction stickers are too responsive for my liking, however duncan makes a silicone sticker which is much less responsive.

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Ok, but the thing is under the friction stickers are starburst patterns that allow starburst only, mix, or stickers only. I mix them but I think the problem is that there is no sticker recess. Do you know how to shave off the starburst, or make a recess?

Get a RiceRocket Bearing. Those things made my Duncan Metal Drifter DEAD unresponsive. But if you dont want to do that, try cleaning the bearing and putting silicone stickers. Friction stickers are meant to give the yoyo more response. Thats why its responsive.

Lighter fluid may leave a residue, but don’t worry, if you clean it properly, it’s fine.

And silicone stickers are nice for a try. I also agree that frictions stickers to grip more, probably why they call them that.

I don’t think duncan flying squirrels are supposed to be unresponsive.

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Not true

Not true

This guy speaks the truth…

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That’s what I thought, so maybe that is why doing so is proving to be difficult? I mean, I’m sure you can make it unresponsive, but there is a bit of a difference in making say a Drifter unresponsive and a Pulse or something unresponsive.

Well that’s weird. Why did my bearing have a sticky residue after cleaning in Light Fluid? Maybe just me?

I think it’s because I didn’t dry it well maybe?