mosquito mods?

I have a duncan mosquito( which is old news, because now i have a dark magic) and since it is old, i thought i could modify it a bit. I want to make it heavier but keep it even, to give it longer spin times. Directions please! ;D

I just got done tweaking my skeeter to feel more like my Freehand 2, but mini. I took 2 glue sticks cut in half as weight rings, and a couple of washers on the cap posts to fill the gap between glue sticks. I probably did overkill to prevent the washers from rattling but I stuffed a foam disc (that you find on the top of a spindle of DVDs) to prevent vibrating washers. Feels great now, no wobbles! I don’t know much about making recesses so can’t help there. I previously tried modeling clay for rim weight which works nice but you have to make sure it’s 100% even or you’ll get vibes. Mainly, the rim weight makes this yo-yo stand up to it’s older cousins, if you want to say.

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This is what I did w/ my Mosquito. Hope it helps. ;D

^What did you use for the metal rings, and did you hot glue them into place? How well does it play?

I used solder and super glued it into place. It played great but I gave it to my son for being good. ;D

Feel anything like a Flying Squirrel?

Not as heavy but it did play better then stock

Instead of solder just use regular insulated 12 gauge solid copper wire. Just as easy to form, and the plastic insulation actually holds it in place well without shifting or rattling if you make the rings as big as you can. You can buy it by the foot off a spool at most hardware stores. I stacked 2 rings in each half, no need to glue, and got the weight up to about 60 grams.

To make it less responsive I cleaned the bearing, applied sewing machine oil, and replaced the friction stickers with thin Dif-Pads.

No vibe? I think I may try this out as we have some thick wire sitting around doing nothing…I may try that in my dragonfly which feels light as a feather, could use a little more momentum.

Well, its a Mosquito. All the Mosquitos I’ve played had vibe but it didn’t add to it.

As I mentioned previously, I had a spool of copper wire laying around so I figured I’d try it out. I’d say this is probably the best tune up I’ve done to my skeeter. I went forward and tried it on the dragonfly as well and works better now. The skeeter now can get 1-minute sleepers on a good throw…which my arm is now sore. My bro’s looking for a good cheap yo to mess with so I may recommend him to get a skeeter and I can do the tune up.

a cheap one would be the duncan imperials and duncan mosquitos that they have at walmart. (just in case you didnt know that they had them)

^That’s where I got mine…my local Walmart has both Skeeters and Lime Lights (Duncan Pulse with wood axle, nice looper) for $5…not bad.

i put a lot of paint on it