Duncan mosquito mods

Okay so I just put in an order on YYE and in that order I got two duncan mosquitoes. I got one because I find myself throwing in public places alot and wanted something that I could carry around for beginners to try. The other one I was going to try modding. Now I haven’t modded anything before but I have done some research. I got the duncan bearing parts kit as well as an extra size A bearing to beefcake it, and I got some silicon stickers for a better response. Now at about 47g this thing is pretty light, so I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for ways to give this thing more weight.

I screwed around and filled each side with bb’s. Regular bb gun bb’s. Enough to kind of not move around. Made it really heavy.

You might be able to silicone the sides somehow instead of bb’s.

hmm I might try that, I saw another mod that I think plastic whip did where he put tubing inside it and filled the tubes with bb’s so it was a little on the heavy side but not super heavy.

If you can get equal amounts of silicone… maybe a large washer could be siliconed in place.

I don’t have my old mosq. anymore so I don’t have one in hand to look at. Just going off memory now… and it’s not that good anymore…lol.

the problem is, there are screws in the worst possible spots so o-rings are near impossible.

well I found some washers that were just the right size but they weren’t completely centered so it’s got a terrible vibe… I’m trying something new, I’m pouring flowable silicon into the caps cause the caps form a shallow little bowl with just enough room to get a perfect amount of silicon in there, i’ll post pics tomorrow if it works out

I know what your talking about, but that wasn’t me.

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oh right, I think you had maybe posted on the other one and so i just saw ur name and thought it was you.

Anyways, I tried filling the caps with silicon and it worked great! not quite as much weight as I would’ve liked but it still works and with the beefcake, spacers, and silicon sticker it plays unresponsive. Even though it’s not that great of a throw (not even as good as my yyf whip imo) it’s still fun just to play around with and say I modded it y’know.

Here’s my Mosquito mod from a while ago, using vinyl tubing for ballast. The tubes can also be filled with BBs for additional mass, as stated in the article…



I found rubber washers at Home depot that fit perfectly. Look in the plumbing section. I will be messing with the response this week also. I’ll get some pics up when I am done. So far the weight works great.

I used two pieces of 16 gauge wire in each side. It’s easy to trim so that it will fit tightly in the yoyo. It doesn’t vibe any more than a regular plastic.