***duncan mosquito***

Is there any way to mod one Duncan mosquito??


A quick search using Google would have given you a lot of answers regarding this topic.

Why you would want to is beyond me.

So is that a - it’s beyond me… because it’s great the way it is…
It’s beyond me… why you’d waste your time? :wink:


Be careful if you want to pad recess because the walls are thin.

I put a kk bearing in mine but its still too lite. But dif pads are good too. Other then that everything else is unneeded in my opinion. You can make it heavier by various ways but you add vibe doing that. Its touchy with this yoyo getting vibe. Good luck.

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You can add weight rings. There are a few ways to do it. I usually either silicone recess ther or do a combination of a silicone recess and a pad recess.

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I used some speaker wire to make some weight rings. It’s not too vibey.