Duncan Mosquito Mods

Here are some mods I made to my Duncan Mosquito.

As you can see it is a hybrid between a sticker recess an a sili recess. For those of you that are observant you can see that it is highwalled. For those of you that are not human in your ability to recegnize mods you will see it also has a longer axel than a regular Mosquito. This along with an extra hex nut makes the adjustable gap more adjustable. I also did some reshaping to the outside to take off vibe.

cool, I should’ve done that. I just took out the cork in mine and replaced it with silicone.

It’s too light for my liking at 50g.

You may want to check out my old weight mod for Mosquitos…

Click Here!

Unfortunately, I’ve never uploaded any pictures with all the extra weight (BBs) added, but you’ll get the picture from the above post…


I made clay weight rings and spun it on the drill press to make it equal

I’m a fan of modding mosquitos and I’m really liking the hybrid response. How do you like it? and do you think we can get some more pics maybe a profile view?

It needs to be beefcaked. In other words it needs a wider gap in order to be to my liking. Otherwise it outperformed the stock version by about 100%.

http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff508/Wildcat2323/IMG_3437.jpgSili recessed, highwalled and schmooved. Also has washers on the inside for weight.

Final weight, 64g

That one came out pretty awesome! Makes me want to finally finish modding mine.

Washers stay in place for play, but when you hold it in your hand it’s kinda like a baby rattle.

I had the same problem once, but that just means getting to mod it some more until you get it the way you want it, unless you like it.

No I don’t mind. It annoys my parents though. ;D