So I'm having a friend make a yoyo for me and I have a few questions

I know a dude that has a machine shop and he is willing to make a yoyo for me. the only thing is the yoyo I’m modeling it after is 2.19’ and he will more than likely be using 2’ aluminum rod.

My questions are: if the recess is the same size will it matter much? if the yoyo is a smaller size will the recess need to be smaller too?

I just dont want it to turn out too responsive because the recess is too big.

Also if anyone can do some cool anodizing for a decent price let me know

Take a look at YoYoFactory’s models for minute. Both the Popstar, a yo-yo with a 43mm diameter, and the Superstar, a yo-yo with a 56mm diameter, have the exact same guts. There is no reason why you can’t use a C bearing a standard width silicone groove on a yo-yo that is roughly 50mm (1.96") in diameter.

not sure about anodizing, but brett does phenomenal paint jobs. they’re $100-150.

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