Making a yoyo help!!!

Ok so me and my fellow team members are going to start designing and making yoyos.We have a lathe,Mill,and other stuff to use.But any advice or help you guys can give me and my team to make it less hard to do this?We also are gonna need to do anodizing,anyone want to do it for us that is good?We will pay for plus it will be in bulk.Just PM me any advice you have.

Double check ur designs with people who have produced yoyos before.

Definitely PM other people on here that have gone and done what you are planning on doing. Ask them what certain steps they took as well as procedures. I’m sure they will all be more then willing to help. And if I were you, i would even maybe email some of the toto companies like clyw and possibly ask them for any advice. Good luck.

I highly doubt clyw will respond.
There you go the anodizing problem solved any also he has made a Yoyo or 2 before hand so he is practically the handy man on the forum. Also I’d you do anodizing with him it will get his name out and yours.