Hello I trying to start a yoyo company called yolo yoyo. I am struggling to find who can make the yoyos and how i can design them. If any of you know of someone who can make and anodize my yoyos, tell me. (i already emailed onedrop, they couldn’t do it.

Get the designs on paper first, ask an experienced yoyo designer for feedback (people like gocrazyforyoyos, machinist, …)or post right on the forums especially if this is your first time. If the designs are good, then look into finding a good CAD program once that is done ask for more feedback and find a machinist. Many us based companies have their own machinist that they go to so you can ask around while many companies use gruntbull for ano.

From experience, I would choose from the following:

To design the yoyos, either get autodesk 123d design and try to figure out how to make a yoyo using that (or I can make a tutorial for you if you need it), or you can contact a professional named Landon Balk (owner of 3yo3), you may have heard of him. His email address is landon3yo3@gmail.com

To actually make the yoyos, contact Alvin from Foxland Precision. His website link is:http://billybobsbaitandtackle.com. They make great yoyos that are high-quality. The other option would be to save up a ton of money, buy and learn how to use a metal lathe machine, by the materials, and try to make them yourself. I recommend the other one, though.

I hope you have better luck than I did. Good luck.

Any questions? PM me

*the former

Dude Zorro if you made a tut i would like freak out! that would be so cool cus i am totally clueless with 123d design

I want to start a yoyo company, but I don’t know who manufactures, how to design them, or where to get them anodized…

We’re being trolled, right?

I’d suggest doing your homework before making a logo. The things you don’t know are far more important.

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Yeah I don’t know how you should make a tutorial

Film a screenshot of myself making a yoyo, then explain what I am doing. It’s not that hard.

oops i forgot a comma

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Can you guess guys.
This company has started sponsoring players. Lol

They not even have a design and have sponsored 3 people. That too pretty good players.

If you wanna start a company, research first, then post.