how is a yoyo made?

i love yoyoing and am thinking about somehow making a business out of yoyos later in life. just wondering what the process of making a yoyo is like. not just the actual building part but like the stuff done beforehand like im guessing they kinda draw out the shape and size and all that. also, how long does is take for a major company to finalize a design? and how could i get into a yoyoing business as a designer? i have some really unique ideas that i think people would really like.

Generally you come up with a basic idea and then make a few proto’s and decide which you like the best.

  1. think up the idea
  2. draw it out using a 3d program
  3. tweak your design so the weight is in all the right places
  4. machine some prototypes
  5. if you’re happy with the design, make more, and anodize(or bead blast, candy blast, etc… or keep 'em raw if you want) them, and sell them.

You draw an idea that you have for a yoyo.

Try to draw out the design using inventor software or use 2d auto cad (not as good since your trying to make a 3d piece)

Usually the yoyos are machined out of a long cylinder of metal cut into blanks (chunks of metal roughly the size of the yoyo)

Test the prototype and make adjustments, then finialize the design

anno, beadblast, whatever you want to do to the final product

now its selling time

I have used invertor software and it is not cheap and it can be hard to make a yoyo shape on it, but it is possible, just hard.

When a Girl Yo-yo and a Boy Yo-yo Fall in Love they get married.

Then they have little baby yo-yo’s, who hope to grow to being full size one day and starting a yo-yo family of their own.

; )



You’re not the only one who think that way, in fact everybody does.
You can start your own yoyo company, as long as you have enough money for prototyping and you know someone who is a yoyo designer (or it’s a design by yourself).
Sell a car to start off…