Designing a yoyo

hi everyone, wanted to know how designing a yoyo would work. Not in terms of an actual design but more in terms of the manufacturing and getting it ready. If that makes sense? Along with that are there any legal boundaries in terms of it seeming to much like another companies yoyo? Like if it has some similarities could other yoyo companies press legal charges (not talking about making an identical yoyo but more along the line of minor similarities). Please and thank you!

I’m sure they could sue you, but most companies are small and they probably couldn’t afford to go to court over it, or the hassle wouldn’t be worth it.

In such a small community it wouldn’t make sense for someone to make a yoyo similar to someone else’s, it wouldn’t be good for them. Respect and honor are more important than “legal boundaries” in cases like this.

As far as minor similarities, if there was a reason you had to use it, again respect for the one who designed it should lead a person to talk to the original designer.

Even if it was just a learning project and you reverse engineer someone’s product, it’s the cool thing to ask for permission first and explain what you’d want to do.

But there are a lot of what if, and more details that would need to be known, but overall if you feel it’s close enough just reach out to the company and talk with them and get permission.

Ok i see. there are so many designs out there i guess I’m just scared of it being similar to a design that i did not know existed.

Aside from that what are the steps to actually getting your yoyo produced? like machining anodization etc?

I don’t think any ‘normal’ modern design can be more similar nowadays. I believe I have read an ‘expert’ a few years ago saying that a yoyo shape can’t really be patented, so there is little chance for you to be sued if at all. Maybe when the design is simply outright exact or a hair close copy, then you might have problems being accepted by the community, but that’s about it.
As long as you did your own design and don’t intend to purposely bootleg anyone, it should be fine.

where does one go to get well design manufactured?

and what software does one use to get their design on computer etc.?

Can you ask that again in English this time?

basically lets say i wanted to actually start producing my designs where and how would i go about that?

No disrespect intended, but if you have to ask that question you really need to rethink this whole thing.

wait why?

Because that usually tells that you’re not informed enough to start making yoyos in the first place.
But heck I’ll answer it. You’ll basically need to find a machinist who can do the yoyo for you. This can cost quite a lot even for a simple prototype or two, and you WILL need more than two if it’s your first time. Not to mention if the machinist have no experience with yoyos (most likely) it can be a real headache. Also not every machine shop can handle yoyo tolerance (even when they told you they can).
That is making the raw yoyo itself that is not guaranteed to work. From there try to fix things that goes wrong (by making more prototypes) until you get what you wanted.
Not trying to discourage you though, it was just what I experienced.
Your best bet is probably go to a well known machinist like Onedrop and ask them if they are willing to prototype the yoyo for you, don’t expect retail price though.


When you set out to design and produce a yoyo you should already know what you’re doing and what needs to be done. If you need to ask us all of these questions clearly you’re not aware and unfamiliar with all of this. Sure we can give you the gist of what goes on but if you haven’t figured everything out by yourself by this point you’re going to run into a lot of issues when you set out to produce a yoyo.

Not to mention if you didn’t even know yoyos are designed using CAD your design probably isn’t going to turn out too great anyway.

I think to achieve the ‘design sense’, you will need to experience playing lots of yoyos of every kind and materials. I used CAD alot and because I only have 2 professional yoyos, I didn’t have that kind of sense yet. Except if you are going to simulate or calculate it…but even that won’t represent the play unless you play the real thing by yourself.

Start researching things a bit more. I think I have seen 5 topics that may help you on your pursuits. People have asked about all kinds of things from designing to production. It may take a bit of searching but it will be worth it!