Quick question.

Why is it not allowed to sell or trade a bootleg yoyo on the formus, if you advertise it as being bootleg? I don’t see a problem if the buyer knows what he is getting. However, there very well may be a completly logical reason. Does anybody know? I’m just curious, thanks.

Bootleg Yoyos are essentially copies of legitimate company’s Yoyos, and some companies that Yoyoexpert stocks. I think it is just not right to steal a companies design and also essentially some of their profit. I guess yoyoexpert does not want to encourage this kind of stealing. These bootleg companies are posing problems to several companies, such as yoyo factory, turning point, and yoyorecreation.

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that’s pretty much it. A thief is a thief. No matter how you look at it.

Thanks guys! I just wasn’t sure.

Yes, I see your point. But if someone DID want a bootleg and they DID know that they were getting one, I think that’s okay, but then the person could try and pass it along again as a legitimate yoyo. I guess it’s just not a good idea to sell it in the first place.

There’s a number of reasons for not allowing the sale and trade of bootlegs. One that’s often overlooked is that YYE could technically be held liable for facilitating the traffic of illegal products that violate patents.