can anybody tell me?

Why my yoyomamma review was deleted by the moderator? The mod won’t answer me back. Is it because they are sold on a different site?I didn’t mention any websites or exact pricing.

It kinda urkes me because I put the recommended week into it, thought it through, took pictures and did everything the way the forum suggests.

I dont know. Is yoyomamma a bootleg? I think it might be, but im not sure.

I don’t know if its a bootleg. I didn’t even know they existed. Maybe a bad run of something other brand?

I don’t know. I do know that Aoda and Audley threads are removed rather frequently, in part because they both do make bootlegs of other brands. However, they also make original designs that they license to other companies, so its a real grey area regarding those two brands.

At the same time, there was a thread about yet another bootleg yoyo that was left intact and untouched by moderators. I think this was because a deliberate effort was made by all participating parties to avoid the brand name AND a place to obtain it. All I can say is the thread motivated me to purchase the yoyo in question, which is now making me really want to buy the “real deal” and others, all from YYE of course.

I think as long as you do things like omit locations to purchase it in the thread, that will go a long ways towards keeping the thread alive. It’s a courtesy to YYE to not post links to competitors. It’s also considered good form to not post about products that YYE isn’t currently carrying. The reasons are a bit vague but I think it has to do with preserving possible business going forward or at least maintaining options.

Without hearing back from the moderators, it’s difficult to say. Also, because all the moderators are very active here, I would find it a bit odd if they didn’t at least give a very short reason for the removal/deletion just so you can understand why.

It’s weird because I didn’t post any websites where it could be purchased. Just posted a well thought out first review on the forum and it bites me in the rear end.

Well, to quote the great Denis Leary:

Life sucks, wear a helmet.

I’d like to hear the mod’s explanation just because I am curious.

He responded back and said Andre doesn’t want discussions on yoyomamma, audley or aoda stuff. So when he sees them he deletes them.

Guess its because of Andre’ s views on bootleg yoyos so no matter how good they are we can’t speak of them on this yoyo forum.

Yes, it was because yoyomamma is a bootleg company and no one likes bootleg companies.

Well, I won’t argue with management. That’s good enough for me. It’s not my house. I follow the rules of the house I am in.

I do agree with not wanting to discuss bootlegs, but the companies known for making bootlegs also make original designs. I suppose it will be evaluated on a per incident basis.

My thoughts on bootlegs: A bootleg is a bootleg. Period. Doesn’t excuse the fact that I do have for sure a bootleg model in my collection.

This is different than all the income I’ve lost from Asian bootlegging of music. Basically, all you need to do is get 1 CD into Asia, and within days, they’ll have replicated enough to exceed demand, and you won’t see 1 cent of royalties. Several albums I’ve worked on have done well in Asia, especially Japan. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any distribution there, only Europe and United States and Australia. Not to be the bean-counter type, but all sales have been accounted for and since the record label hasn’t pressed more copies for distribution, it’s interesting how sales are doing so well in Asia yet nobody is telling us about it until we hear from fans.

Play by the rules of the owner of the house. Fair enough.

I don’t disagree with their stance on it but I do love this yoyo and will probably purchase more in the future. I will also be purchasing more yyf, and other stuff too and will most likely be getting it from yye.

I have no issue with your position. If you like it, keep it, play it, enjoy it, love it. I’m cool with that. Nobody should try to change your position. Also, feel free to purchase whatever yoyos you want. Nobody has any right to tell others what to purchase or not purchase or where to purchase.

I freely admit to purchasing elsewhere. I wanted a Mighty Flea, YYE didn’t have it, so I had to go to another retailer. I got some stuff from an over-seas location. However, I do most of my purchases from YYE. Other retailers carry other brands. Just like with my purchases of audio gear, sometimes I have to go to who has the gear I want, regardless of where I normally prefer to shop. That’s how a free market works.

Yomamma is a bootleg company.The blitsfire yoyo my friend got (he’s new to yoyoing) is an 888 bootleg.

I haven’t tried any other of their yoyos. :frowning:

Any thoughts on the company Magic Yo Yo’s? So far I haven’t seen any copied yo’s from them just original designs.

Any and all threads containing bootleg yoyo’s will be removed. This is a respectable site and we do not approve of design theft.

Yes - at 2:30 central time… :wink: