Who Took My Thread Away!?

Why did the aceofspades mod delete the Big Yoyo String thread? It had so much info that I reference people to and now all of the links and posts are gone… I would like to know why this happened if somebody knows.

K? lol, watch out guys, he means business.

Seriously. Where is our thread. Not only is that Jake’s thread as a manufacturer. That is our Team Thread. We want it back…

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Um, he does mean business because Big Yoyo String is his business.

I’d like to know why it was taken down too.

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There making changes to the manufacturing section I bet it just accidentally got deleted.

Yoyoexpert did announce they were going to do some changes to the manufactueres page

Maybe they’re doing away with manufactueres that are not listed in their products

Also wouldn’t it be better to discuss this with a mod then make a spectacle of it?


Are you sure nobody said anything bad on thread or something?

That seems rather wrong. I contacted them about selling my string and they declined, so they can’t then delete my thread because I am not listed with them. It is a two-way street

This. If you look through all the manufacturer threads all up and coming companies are gone. This kind of angers me. Without those threads a lot of these small companies will never make it.

Like is it seriously necessary?

We have been around 2 years, do a big number in sales, and are sold in a major store. Is that classified as up and coming?

It’s a forum owned by yoyoexpert so I’m pretty sure they can do whatever they want

There was also a time where people would release yoyos without hype or previous knowledge and they would do find.

No. I was just inferring to the other up and coming companies just as Jekyll and Hyde, Inertia in Motion and I forget the other companies name.
They’ve taken off almost everyone not on there stock list.

Yoyofficer threads are still there, neither up and coming, nor sold in the store.

You’ll notice in the last couple posts on their thread that yoyoofficer is being carried by yye but hasn’t been released yet

Can a mod step in and explain because I’m about to rage.

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In all honesty I would give it a day or so before going too much further. I know they were restructuring this section of the forum, and if they haven’t explicitly posted a statement about the changes I may be inclined to believe the area of the forum has still not been finished and that something will change over the next day or so and the threads may re-appear. I’m not saying that for sure this is the case, but I can’t imagine YYE would do away with these threads without commenting on it. Given that they said Today would be the day the thread came back on line, my guess is that maybe something just got held up. I wonder if they’re going to create a separate section of the Manufacturers section or something. Maybe.

lol did they delete CLYW’s thread too now that they’re about to screw over retailers? Is YYE just trying to stop new companies from selling direct on their forums? That’s too bad. Most of us are only here because the YYN forums fell apart, not because there’s something magical about this place.


CLYW is still selling there “LEGENDS” to YYE whatever that means :P… But if you guys really look at it a lot of companies “hype” starts on forums to get people to buy them. Seems unfair to take that opportunity from them. Well, only 2nd favorite US store has a forum now too so…

Where/when was it announced that changes were going to be made to the Manufacturer forums?