Manufacturer News. This should be a section for Manufacturers, not just kids who want to write a post about how they’re gonna start up a yoyo company. It is called Manufacturer News, after all. That means that the poster giving us news should have at least MANUFACTURED something. Now, I understand, “Q, some kids are just looking for help on starting their own company, just leave them be.” Well, newsflash, this is a yoyo forum. Most of the people on this forum are qualified to talk about yoyos in depth, but a scarce amount are able to talk intelligently about the production, wholesale, annodization, and mass shipments of yoyos, let alone the hassles that come with actually trying to own a small business. Let the 13 year old chase his dreams, but at least make him internalize them first, so that he doesn’t have to feel like a complete idiot when he faceplants.


Small biz’ ARE tough. They have to be a labor of love or it’ll quickly over whelm your being, and frustrate you to no end. I suggest if anyone’s interested in making a business, actually visualizing where it could go. And mentally prepare for the time consuming and character building experience.

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And this is why you’re the grand poohbah

He’s the grand poobah because he says he’s the grand poobah. Everyone knows this. I told them so.

The time consuming nature of the small business doesn’t include posting and updating on a yoyo forum about how great your small business is going to be. For god’s Sake, there’s a thread going on right now where the man has ideas for colourways without having any actual CAD files for a throw. I’d understand if the thread was in General and it was like “What if this colourway was around? How would you like it?” but instead, it’s a thread about how awesome his company will be. He has no company, and he is taking valuable space away from Manufacturers who can do for some free publicity. I want to see the forum right this wrong,

I think in order for somebody to be able to post in Manufacturer news, they just have to have something that they have had manufactured, or are getting manufactured AS THEY POST. Picture proof, is all I’d ask for, otherwise, you aren’t a manufacturer, and your “news” isn’t really news.

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My understanding is that there are changes coming in this regard.



So if a person/company has designed a yoyo, has found places for machining, anodizing, etc., and is gathering money to make some yoyos but hasn’t made them yet, he shouldn’t be in the Manufacturers section?

Announcing the “blahblahblah” is different from “Hey guys, I’m starting a company!”

It’s a totally different thing to have a yoyo lined up to be made, and have “proof” that its getting made than to jsut make a thread off of a pipe dream. I had CADs, annodization setups, and my machinist lined up (yes, at one time, I was going to venture into the biz), I had even spent money on prototyping, but still didn’t want to post about it anywhere, because I DIDN’T WANT THE ATTENTION! If I decided “Eh, don’t wanna pour money into something that might not take off” I don’t want to have people thinking it was getting made and then get the plug pulled. Most of the threads that are made in the Manufacturers section are kids wanting attention so they make a “company”. Sure, they may think they can sustain it, but let them at least put money down on the product before they get the advertising space that is the Manufacturers section.


Any updates?

I think that they (The founder) should at least have a prototype at the time of the creation of the thread, or in-route to them.

no its the grandQbah

Yes, Mrs. YoYoExpert had a baby which put a whole bunch of stuff off schedule.


At least they scrapped up the intelligence to actually post in the right section instead of posting in general. Still a waste of time though.

I hear that pregnancy is going around this time of year.

I feel offended…

Why, because pregnancy seems to be contagious?

Why did I just lol? LOL

But anyway, zen, I don’t think he’s saying there shouldn’t be start up companies, or anything like that. I perceive as a message to people who haven’t started yet, not to post in the “we’ve started” thread, because it gets confusing, and cluttered with the two . Instead, make a new home for the ones who have that wonderful gleam in their eye for a new yoyo company :slight_smile:


NO! I get sick of reading a new “I’m making a company blah blah” thread. Like. If you’re serious, go for it. But don’t start an “I want to make a company” thread and be in the thread asking advice. You can actually talk to people who know about manufacturing in this thing called real life. Like, we know a hella lot about yoyos, but not as much about a business. Talk to a manufacturing company in your area about the trials and tribulations. At least have a plan started before you start posting on the internet about your future colorway names and company names. I’ve been on the verge of starting 2 companies in the past year. Good offers came up to me, and I was in a financial situation that allowed me to allocate funds to a business and not break myself in the process. How many of you know that? One, maybe two. Because why would I post about a product that I have yet to create? If you have allocated time and money into a product, you deserve the advertising, sure, but if you have 0 product lineup, and everything is just an idea in your head, you really shouldn’t be taking away ad space from companies who have bills to pay and quotas to meet. It’s nothing against the little guy, but we are in a community that is dominated by young kids who think that things are easier than they really are. It’s easy to get crushed under the weight of a company, and it gets even harder when you have hundreds of people around the world wondering why you haven’t put anything out.

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