I Am looking around. Edit..

This thread is about a new company.

I’ve made this post so I can get suggestions for my company.

Here’s the list off stuff I will be making or looking to make.

  1. Paracord Bracelets , Keychains and other stuff made from Paracord.

  2. Yoyo Display Case.

3.Yoyo parts Holder.

  1. Yoyo t-shirts.

  2. Top Secret.

This is just starting out so help me out with some Questions.

Which of the stuff would you like to see first?

And should only some default options to be available for these products or
I should start with fully customizable things?

I think that default option is good and after I sell some stuff I can get
Customizable option. What do you think?

And what other things would you like to see made by this company.
Things related to stuff i stated above?

These are some plans for my company.

Its just starting out so I would like support from you forum members.

I mean grammar and clear communication is always the first step :wink:

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Yea that would help I mean I even make typos sometimes and who cares about punctuation but I wasnt even looking and I saw at least 5 misspelled words there and I’m not even a grammer natzi

I mean I’m usually fine with people being a bit lackadaisical with grammar but when you’re presenting yourself as a company it’s really tough to take you seriously if you simply abandon all punctuation and have a huge wall of texts that go on and on without any sort of pause and especially at this point you wanna set a good first impression because there forum members are likely going to be the ones who will be looking into the products you’re going to be offering so just a general tip with these I would recommend you make it sound a bit more formal and prevent a super long run-on sentence like I just did in this post :wink:


haha :slight_smile:

I know Nazi is spelled like that but if you google the term natzi it comes up being spelled with a T so I think some one did that to bug grammer natzis

You’re kidding right? Grammar :smiley:

LOL :smiley:

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Alright edited the post and tried to be as formal as I can and you are right on the money that I’m going to sell stuff here to members and I’m writing this long post. But thanks for suggestions.

… Alright, I’ll be the first to actually answer the question- yoyo display cases. I wanna show off my yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay, finally, on reply #11

I agree with the display cases but T-shirts is not far behind.

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I would also be interested in a yo-yo display case. Or possibly some sort of display mount that’s not enclosed, to make it easier to grab your throw for the day, but still protect them from dust and stuff. Almost like a shadow box w/ some kind of mount for the yo-yo to keep it from moving/rolling.

I’d also be down for a t-shirt, or maybe a casual collared shirt.

The problem I see with this is: how do you make a yo-yo specific parts holder that’s going to be more useful than a generic parts box from the hardware store?

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I posted this on Facebook recently. It’s applicable.

Five Things You Should Do If You Are Starting A New YoYo Company

  1. Shut up. Seriously, do not announce that you intend to do anything. Just start doing it. Give yourself ample time to figure it out. It’s harder than you think, guaranteed, and you are going to screw up more than you are going to do right. The louder you are at the beginning, the bigger the audience you are building for your most spectacular failures. Once you actually have something legit to show, THEN start making noise.

  2. Under promise so you can over-deliver. You think it’s gonna take a month to get that production run out the door? Tell everyone it will be ready in two months. Are you packaging it with cool extras? Say NOTHING about them until you can show them. Better yet, don’t tell anyone and let them show up with the product as a pleasant surprise. Over-promising and then nothing working out is the fastest way to kill consumer confidence and lose fans before you even have any.

  3. Shut up. Seriously. I know, it’s exciting to start a new thing and you wanna tell everyone about it but trust me, you’re better off getting 10x further along than you think you need to be before you say a damn word.

  4. Have a story. Don’t just jump out the gate with “We have a name, does anyone want to make a logo for us we’ll give you a free yoyo if they turn out LOL”. Have a plan. Have a visual identity, or at least the plan for one. Here’s a great exercise: turn your brand into a person. What to they wear? What do they eat? How do they talk? What music do they like? What movies do they like? Figure out exactly what your brand should look like from all possible angles before you say one single word publicly from that brand.

  5. Plan to fail. Just because that machine shop makes everything else for everyone else doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with your design. Just because that anodizer does everything else for everyone else doesn’t mean they won’t screw up yours. Expect catastrophe, have a backup plan, and if you followed steps 1 and 3 you don’t have anything to apologize for yet.

And I’ll add this one…

  1. If you are asking people what you should be making, then you shouldn’t be making ANYTHING. If you don’t already have a plan, a vision, and a set of goals for yourself, quit now and come back later when you have something. It’s great to get feedback on your actual products, but if the feedback you are asking for is “What should I make?” then you have no business talking about any of this publicly yet. You aren’t ready. Go home, work on it some more, come back later.

this post needs to be put on a separate thread and stickied…

I second this motion

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I third this motion.

Great post Steve. Making too much noise too soon is why GN failed not picking on Zorro just saying. This really gives good advice for people starting new company’s especially in the GN case so zorro I hope you take some of this advice because I would like to see GN succeed some day and if you do it right it can still happen.

I would also like to point out that I know these things because I have personally screwed ALL of them up at some point, ha ha ha.

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Oh Steve stop it you are incapable of screwing up LOL :smiley: