Always wanted to make a yoyo company


Hey guys, I don’t really know how to start this topic off, but I’ve always wanted to make a yoyo company. I realize that I’m only 13, and it would be a big step to take this task on with responsibility. I’m currently saving up some money, but I have no one to help me with this. I may have some friends, but I’m not sure if they are willing to do this with me. Any suggestions on how to start it off and what I can use to help me with it?


You also might want to find a machinist who will be willing to do it first. And work on some CAD designs


Expect to spend a couple thousand between prototyping and manufacturing is all I can say

You’ll have to find someone with CAD experience and also a machinist to help with production of the yoyo. If they’re not experience with yoyos expect to spend a bit more on prototypes as well.


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And just know this, you aren’t a “company” if you make 1 design and then that’s it. You don’t see anyone this young starting a company because where in the world are we gonna get that much money? I don’t know how Tropic Spins is doing it, but they compete as well, so perhaps they have a lot of support from their friends and family. I don’t know what experience you have, but usually anyone who has the image of making a company in their head and asks the forum for advice doesn’t have the money or experience to go through with it. I’m not saying it won’t be possible for you, but there is way more work than you think there is.

What they’ve said is pretty much the only things you’ll really need: CAD design and a machinist, anodizer if you want them anodized. And make sure you are choosing an aluminum alloy, not just aluminum. I saw another guy in the up-coming manufacturers forum make a yoyo out of just aluminum and it stripped like it was made of butter. Don’t go throwing away absurd amounts of money on a prototype that gets ruined in a few weeks.


It’s kind of like buying a yacht. If you have to ask “How much?” you ain’t got enough.


For people without access to machining, isn’t it easier to rapid prototype using 3D printing now? I know the weights would be different but you could get the basic shape and feel much easier I would think. I know nothing about yoyo design but I’m genuinely curious about 3D printing for this purpose.

It’ll be really interesting when 3D printers drop in price to the home user and people can just print designs at home. The prices are dropping already, we’ll see sub-$500 printers this year.


Just a warning, its hard to get a slice of the yoyo market since there is such a small active player base and a few big companies already own a large portion of the market.


Step 1: Get good at yoyoing.
Step 2: Get people interested in your yoyoing.
Step 3: Get Sponsered.
Step 4: Get a siggy.
Step 5: Get another siggy.
Step 6: Get another siggy.
Step 7: Win Worlds.
Step 8: Invent a crime, frame your team’s manager, and take over his position.

But seriously, I think you first need to get good and get recognized. That’s the first step imo.


This is probably the simplest way.


I hate to say it, but at the age of 13 you’re better off just to stick with drawing concepts. At that age it’s just almost impossible without major help. Maybe if you belong to a yoyo club you could plan a prototype and contribute your ideas, but to undertake the project yourself I’d recommend you be at least 18 then you can work a full time job and save money for your dream.

Also I once heard somebody say
“Don’t make your own yoyo if you haven’t made a bunch of your own tricks yet”


This is what you have to do. Very simple stuff, worlds is coming up in a few months so you have plenty of time


Sorry for the bump on an old thread, but I just wanted to clarify that we haven’t asked for money from our families throughout this whole thing. They don’t have extra money lying around to throw at us. Their role is to manage the bank account, plus cheer us on. And I am very thankful for that. As for friends, all of our customers are friends. Tropicspins was very fortunate to have people believe in it and support the company at the start. Without them, we would have flopped. Thanks guys.

    If you want to make a company, for sure you have to have some cash. Next is a design people will want to buy. Preorders might be something you would try to go for if you didn't have enough money to make the yoyos. Market your brand as best as possible. Keep your fans close and haters at arms length just in case they change their mind. Just remember, doing this alone would be really hard if you're thirteen. I suggest getting a friend or two to help you out. One last thing, you need some luck along the way. Good luck!


Yoyo companies are a tough slot against all the other yoyo retailers. I’m making a website that’s coming out soon called and it’s been rough! But always stick to what you do


First step. Business plan.


I think the question that people need to ask is not:

“HOW can I start a yoyo company?”


“WHY do I want to start a yoyo company?”

Do you want to start a company because you love designing?
If so, you could also just do designs in CAD and maybe machine a few prototypes just for fun. This isn’t starting a company… it’s messing around with some designs. Much cheaper and easier to get into.

Do you want to start a company because you’re interested in business?
If that’s the case, you might be better off by starting an accessory business instead. It’s much easier and cheaper to get into string, holders, painting, logo design, etc. than it is to start a whole yoyo company from scratch.

Do you want to start a company because you think it’ll make you a ton of money?
The sad truth here is that very few companies make real money in the yoyo business. Most small companies are just doing it for the love of the hobby and are at best squeaking by or even losing money. There are much better ways to make money than starting a yoyo company!

So before you ask about how to start a yoyo company, I would suggest you first ask yourself why you want to start a company first…


I’ve always wanted to make a yoyo company, for the love of it. I like designing, and having original ideas. I don’t want to do it for the money, but if I did make money, it would most likely go to either my family, for how much they support me, or the yoyo company to reproduce new yoyos.


You can download a business plan template here.


I would think so! Asking for large amounts of money from anyone is a gamble and it’s not likely they’ll help unless you have a solid plan. Props to you guys for taking your company so far, I’m liking it so far and I’m definitely looking forward to what you guys can offer in the future!