What to Expect More From Companies

Hello members of YoYoExpert!

I have been thinking lately, and since I’ve been seeing companies making Yo-Yos left and right, It came to my senses that we should all gather our opinions together, into one big thing or list and try and get a company to make one incredible Yo-Yo that would make them incredible. Even if they are! Since YoYoFactory is comming out with 10 more Yo-Yos this year, that is a huge ego boost for them, being on the cheaper side for amazing play, without the price.

Other companies should do that as well!

So just think for a moment, and say to yourself,“What would I think to expect more from companies?”

At the end, I’ll make one big list of companies, and what updates/expectations you guys, including me, think.

Post it! Shout it out! Spread the word! “What would I think to expect more from companies?”

Think about it, and post your ideas! This doesn’t mean the companies have to use it, but just gathering ideas here, so just think, and write!

Get thinking! :wink:

P.S. This thread will close around August 1st. So post quickly!

Oh, you guys can talk about any company you like! Alchemy, YoYoJam, Duncan, BadRep, JazzYo, etc.

Overall of all compaines: More mainstream marketing! And put Yo-Yoing on T.V.! We need commercials, infomercials, ads! Anything to broadcast! Have more innovation, be as creative as possible - like ILYY.

YoYoExpert: Come out with more shirts.

Stores/Hobby Stores: Need to sell Yo-Yos. Not Duncan Butterflys, REAL Yo-Yos, YYJ, YYF. If already so, they need to have high-brands. B.I.S.T., CLYW, Alchemy, GeneralYo, etc.

YoYoJam: Smaller metal Yo-Yos, Smaller metal-rimmed Yo-Yos, starting a campaign like YoYoFactory, make Yo-Yos with a deal/package that includes Synergy Caps, YoYoJam counterweights, more YoYoJam accessories, making YoYoJam Yo-Yos meant for 5A, (i.e. Yo-Yos shaped like beaters, but good quality) YoYoJam DVD’s, YoYoJam clothing line, (YoYoJam fan T-Shirts) making more Yo-Yos, or lowering prices on some Yo-Yos to about $30-$50, releasing a special edition YoYoJam like the Synergy, more precision precise - no vibe - manufacture them more carefully to prevet vibe. A Yo-Yo that has a very wide gap, is undersized, and is all metal.

YoYoFactory: New versions of the G5, and the GM2. Come out with fan and team T-Shirts. A new version of the PGM without the spacers.

GeneralYo: Come out with fan and team T-Shirts.

More mainstream marketing.

So this is kinda like a “What do you want to see?” threads?

Not exactly.

It’s more of a “list” type of ideas that companies should meet the expectations of.

Once this thread closes, in about one week, I will make a huge list, naming each company, and their ideas with it.

Good luck, and keep thinking! :wink:

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Come on, guys!

Post ideas!!!


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I want yoyojam to come out with smaller metal yoyo’s.

Axiom is very small.

Unless you mean Mighty Flea size.

But it would kind of be a YoYoFactory ripoff.


Start a FundeHybrid type yo-yos campaign like YYF.

Create Yo-yos with a Synergy caps included.

YYJ Counterweights and yo-yos meant for 5A

Different Clothing articles.

i actually like the idea of yyj coming out with other yoyos at the price range from 30 to 50 dollars

Duncan actually has a patent for sending yoyos with counterweights, or something. So I’m pretty sure they can’t even send the Die-Nastiness with CW’s.

And adding on: YoYos meant for 5a, eh?

YYF’s got you covered. ;D

I agree. More brands should be visible to the general public. It really makes me want to scream whenever I come to the section with yo-yos only to find cheap Duncan Imperials and Butterflies. Even having low-end yo-yos in major retailers could bump up the company’s popularity. Duncan’s doing it. Why can’t others?

-I really like the YYJ Synergy. It would be nice if they released yo-yos with the capabilities of a Synergy.
-I also expect the yo-yos to be more consistent. There are way too many yo-yos with the dreaded YYJ Vibe. This shouldn’t be happening when the yo-yo’s description promises high-performance play.