Is it just me? Can there be too much of good thing?

Is it just me - or is there all of a sudden, LOTS of new throws coming out every time I turn around? It is getting financially hard to keep up with all this new goodness (and some not-so-goodness) that has been coming to market of late. Yeah, on one hand, it is great to have more throws and more choices. But there is a dark side.

I am finding that I am going to have to adjust my purchasing behavior a bit. I will no longer make “automatic” purchases like I used to do with certain manufacturers (Yoyorecre* cough , One cough , CLY cough *…). For me, when certain manufacturers came out with new throws - you knew it had to be good. But with all these new yo-yos, even some of the best are faltering.

Too many new yo-yos with too many new disappointments.
Is it just me?


I don’t think there’s too many releases, I think there’s just too many throws out there. Like especially with YYF, they have way too many yoyos in my opinion. And so many of them are similar. They should downsize IMO. Now I know alot of them have the same shape but play differently, etc, I don’t need that talk.

I know it’s not a bad thing to have something for everyone but if you look at the list, you at least have to agree it’s a bit overwhelming.

And all these little yoyo companies are popping up too.

You know, when I got out of it (yoyoing) around a year ago, I could pretty much name off all of the yoyo brands off the top of my head. Now it’s like, woah, too many. I’m not saying this is bad but it’s a little overwhelming not only to beginners but hard to keep track of and make desisions on what to buy.

When Steve Jobs returned back to Apple in the 90’s, their product line was FLOODED with tons of models- like the 6105a, or 6105b, or the 4200 and the PC5000. Now obviously I made up those names but that’s how it was. Jobs said something along these lines- “Cut everything that isn’t necessary and from now on we will refine and streamline everything by only selling around 6 or so models.” I think that companies like YYJ and YYF should downsize a little bit. And the amount of companies should slim down too.

So to answer your question. Yes, there can be too much of a good thing.
But that’s just what I think.

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Slimming down the amount of companies? You can’t just tell someone “Nah, you can’t make yoyos; you’re an aspiring entrepreneur that wants to express your creativity in way that multiple people would enjoy. Yeah, we have too many of those.”

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Haha, not what I was intending to get across. It’s nice and absolutely awesome to see all these companies producing throws for the community, however, you have to agree there are an obscene amount of throws out there ATM.

Choice is always a good thing! Bad decision making is always…well…bad. Occassionaly being the first to have something is taking a chance. Patience can allow you to learn from the mistakes of others. Choose wisely grasshopper. ;D

Yeah! I thought “didn’t the Glacier Express come out like a month after the Arctic Circle?” (It probably didn’t, but it feels that way). But then I thought “Have I been using quotes too much?”. The I thought “Yes.”

The same thing occurred in the Snowboarding industry. Everyone was building boards & bindings & boots. But the absolute innate beauty of Capitalism is that the Free Market will eventually straighten it all out. Yes, there is way to many choices, & small companies in the game, but the industry can only support a certain quantity of product. So, either the industry and end users will grow, which is great !! OR the amount of stock & manufacturing will have to subside due to lack of sales and support.

It’s really important to support those companys and products you want to see survive through this point in the growing YoYo industry. I honestly believe that the current size of the YoYo industry is just about to hit par, it can’t grow much more and still be lucrative. Also, you have guys like Chris @ CLYW who have now gone full time with their business, so he has to dial up his product line and his run size to support himself.
I get the feeling Heath at Vs. Newton is about to do the same thing. Hopefully their need for profit will not compromise their decision making process. Companies like YYF are in this for the money, period, to where guys like Chris & Heath were not as motivated by money, but by quality. I pray that does not change.

So…While I agree that there is a lot of choices right now, it also means there is a healthy amount of growth in R&D as well. We can all agree that a contemporary YoYo is miles ahead of one from three years ago. But…Only the companys who provide real value will survive. History clearly show that. So enjoy the luxury of choice while we can. It might not last unless the YoYo industry grows along with it.

I just hope it drives the price of Titanium YoYo’s down a bit. ;D ;D


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It is getting a little overwhelming for sure. Even just in the last year the amount of companies and releases has exploded. Just makes it all the more fun to try and play with a variety of throws. I think companies that don’t bring something significantly better, more attractive, cheaper, etc. will find it tough to compete, but companies like Xcube, G-Squared, Monkeyfinger, Ten YoYo, Toxic, C3, and others have seemed to find their place without issue. I just hate seeing small companies release things in terrible colorways(stop making throws with so much black!) or bland solid colors because i know those won’t sell fast and will hurt their progress. Personally i ordered a Ti5 and i’m hoping i’ll love it and it will let me just sit back and watch how the industry unfolds in the next year without having to try and personally keep up with it.

Edit: Forgot to mention the huge amount of Chinese companies starting to release great throws. God Tricks, Break Beat, YoYo Officer, etc.

Having options is good but it currently seems just a little overwhelming. I think some of the smaller companies should combine. I think OD and CLYW should do a yoyo together. I would buy that. Not that likely though

More options, more size choices, shape choices, prices. I can’t see how this is bad at all.

They did. The Wooly MarkMont.

I don’t think there’s too many new throws, I think it’s just a matter of being more selective with purchases as you already mentioned. In most collectible hobbies, it’s rare that someone can afford to buy every new item that interests them.

There’s a bunch of stuff I want but have to constantly hold off buying. I tell myself I should focus more on throwing (i.e. actually using what I have bought) rather than spending time contemplating what to buy next. If you buy every sweet new release you’ll barely have a opportunity to play with a yoyo before the next new throw arrives at your door.

I think that’s a bit harsh. YYF is a business and so obviously want to make money and expand. But it’s also clear they love the hobby and are constantly pushing to expand it, not just to increase their market, but because they truly love yoyoing. Would be nice though if they loved yoyoers as much as they love yoyoing.

Exactly. Just what I wanted to say.

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Hi Stickman.

I couldnt agree more with you on somethings and less with you on others.

You obviously have some opinions of your own but I think you are severely misinformed on other things.

Let me give you a lesson about YoYoFactory

In the late 90s Yo-Yo reached a level of popularity unseen for over 4 decades. The ‘boom’ as it was known, lived up to its name, quickly turning to bust leaving thousands of unwanted yo-yos in the world but also leaving a core of Players interested in pushing yo-yo into the future.

To do this they would have to redefine yo-yo and do it without the profits of the ‘boom’. They would have to start with nothing, refuse to fail and rise from the ashes. Yo-Yo would be redefined. Players were changing the game, manufacturers couldn’t continue to hold them back. This new industry would grow itself from within. Players needed to create what they want and share it with other players. Now, despite the greatest economic hardship since The Great Depression, these brands must now step up and take yo-yo back to the streets.

YoYoFactory was formed by some of these players and we are proud to be a key part of this period in yo-yo history. Founded 8 years ago in the shadow of nothing, we broke the barriers of response offering some of the first unresponsive yo-yos out of the pack ever seen. We changed the concept of what a ‘competition yo-yo’ looked like. Almost overnight everyone went from using plastic or hybrid yo-yos to metal and we built an industry out of this corner of the market. We are proud to support one of the greatest collections of competitive players ever amassed under one banner, even more proud to help develop the next generation of great players.

We started hand cutting our packaging, hand pouring our response , we did design, assembly, packaging in the living room of a 2 bedroom apartment, then a 2 bedroom house, then a 4 bedroom house, then finally, we opened an office/warehouse/factory. It doesn’t quite match the logo (yet) but we are on our way. Today we work with industry leaders around the world like Bandai in Japan, Gyroscope in Russia and OTC in HK. We have partnered in Europe with Fun4u and are attempting to create something great with YoYoFactory-Europe. With the support of players there, we are starting to see things happen too.

As we have grown we have assembled an embarrassment of talent in our company staying true to our roots, a company built by players for players. We employ 9 people, 5 of them have placed top 5 at Worlds, 6 have competed at least regional level in the last 18 months. We still think we are the largest manufacturer of USA made metal yo-yo’s exporting them worldwide.

2012 is a ‘coming of age’ for us as a brand. We love yo-yo, we want to be involved for a long time. Look for a significant refining our line and the way we introduce new product. We are increasing our availability in the USA, continuing to work with our fantastic retailers to help promote yo-yo through their networks and embarking on some ambitious promotions of our own.

In terms of player support and sponsorship we lead the way, offering industry leading incentives, royalty payments and contribute financially directly back to the players who drive the sport. Promotion wise we are out and about, like right now Im typing this from a hotel room in Oregan on a promotional tour. Contest wise we do what we can. We feel our hands are tied in the USA, but we are top level sponsors at contests like EYYC and Japan Nationals, contests that lead the way and treat players right.

“Only the companys who provide real value will survive. History clearly show that.” … Next year we have 10 years under our belt. We love what we do and will plan to do it for a long time.

Now if you could please explain to me why you believe we are just about money?

The industry is dominated by corporate brands and as the largest privately owner player formed brand your statements are not empty words, I’d love to hear your reasons.


exactly. Plus I love the smaller new comers myself. Make great products at great prices and have the best customer service.

It’s the same deal as the Steam sale.

It’s not the companies liability if people are responsible consumers or not. If people buy it, they will keep making it.

I always want the new stuff so it isn’t just you?

While this is true, it’s not a very nice or kind mentality. It’s the old problem of either making a product, and the product is good, or making a company, and the company is good.

Wow…Thanks for the lesson. Clearly I struck a nerve, and was NOT intending to.
Let me first say that “In it for the Money” is not a negative pejorative. I happen to like money.
I also happen to Love what I do, but make no mistake, I’m in it for the money.
The decision making process you use in your company is based on the ability to survive financially, unless someone at YYF is a trust fund baby.
That being said, anytime there is a necessity of profit, (I’m assuming your not a non-profit) your business is a money making enterprise.
You should have noted that I spoke of YYF “vis a vi” Caribou Lodge & Vs. Newton. I’m not entirely sure, but until recently both Chris and Heath were not paying their bills on YoYo sales.
There decisions were not orbiting around making a profit. My guess is, YYF is not in that position. YYF provides a indispensible service to the YoYo industry, but you’re a “For Profit” concern.
Not to say you don’t love your job and the industry as a whole, but you have to turn a profit to survive…You’re in it for the Money.

As Jerry Seinfeld would say: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

Despite what some of our leaders would have us believe, making money is a good thing.

I think that lots of people have hit it on the head. It is time that we, the consumer, became more sophisticated about our buying behavior.

I too, believe that this industry is at the pint where many young industries are when just starting out. There are way too many players in a market that can only support a few in the long-term. We, as consumers, need to stop reacting to this market as if it were two years ago. Back then when the Skywalker was released - you knew there would only be so many made. We all knew we better get that Ti Walker the moment it was available - or we would be left out for good.

Those days are over. With this market size now able to support more full-time manufacturers I think we will see more releases of popular throws. Bottom line: you don’t need to buy it the day it comes out. If it is good - they will release more. I, for one, am tired of this whole “Releasing at Midnight” thing - only to see that there are 20 or so still available after an hour. It has become a crapshoot - with my money.

Manufacturers need to remember that they are in a special market. It is one where most purchases are done online - without being able to test-drive. Those manufacturers who have created a mystique over the last few years should guard that reputation well. I speak specifically to those manufacturers that used to do it for the fun and to earn a few extra bucks on the side; who have now chosen to be full-time. They must remain true to the decision making process that created their reputation at their peril.

Release because you should. Not just because you can.

Having a lot of brands and yoyos is a great and awesome thing, and although there are new companies, I can nearly guarantee you that half of them will stop at around 1 or 2 releases, because like any other business, you can’t just make a product, you have to make a brand, and companies like YYF, CLYW, and Duncan have all done that greatly, and they will continue to sell hit after hit. And some newer companies don’t realize this, and are just churning out some yoyos, with no story, character, or idea involved.

Look at Duncan, they clearly realize that their product is a piece of classic Americana, and sell this idea along with every yoyo they sell, by keeping the products simple and straight forward, and sponsoring rootsy cool guys, just like you and me to represent their brand.

Then look at YYF, who represent themselves as the coolest, most modern and young company, by sponsoring mostly young, personable, “cool” guys, who all shred at contests. And every time I play a YYF yoyo I feel pretty dang cool myself.

Then there’s CLYW, the mysterious, hip, flannel wearing company from Canada, who sell good yoyos with a down home feel, just run by a regular dude and his dog.

I’d say these three companies are all the best examples of true business men, and new companies need to remember that brands are what sell the yoyo.