What to Expect More From Companies

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But to point out one thing Samad, you could buy a license or a regestration for a patient. Just like BadRep got YoYoFactory’s hubstacks. :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree on the marketing. It’s a very niche market right now, with only a few stores that carry high performance yoyos, and otherwise only available online. Perhaps the markets not there, but it would be nice to see a YoYo commercial on TV.

So - telemarketing!

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in fact i wish there were more inovations just like ILOVEYOYO did with the noctu josy ane etc they use different shapes and i love it even it isn’t always perfect (but i love my noctu)

Most brand should do just like YYF : let the customer chose what type of bearing he do want : imagine : meteor small or large , BVM small or large bearing , the cut small or large ! you coulds compare those two with friends and get the yoyo you do want !

And finally i hope that all factories will be able to product more yoyo so prices will go down … and to make that happen you guys will have to change to :

i mean , many persons always buy YYF YYJ CLYW … but some yoyos are great and expensive because nobody do buy the yoyo and they cannot product to much …

If you product 500 items it will be more expensive than is you product 1000… try other brands!

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Telemarketing is phone solicitations.

Oh - I thought it was the thing that is ads over the T.V.

I saw it on Thrillville. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe your thinking of Infomercials. :slight_smile: YoYo infomercials would be awesome. :smiley:

Yoyojam should come out with a yoyo that has a wide gap, is small, and is all metal.

Yoyofactory should come out with some new g5s and GM2’s.

General yo should come out with a smaller version of the g5. It should have spikes to use like hubstacks, but, it would be cool if you could remove the spikes like hubstacks, and put hubstacks.

I agree that we need yoyo commercials. Get footage of like the pros using that yoyo, or perhaps some of what it’s capable of. Also, I agree that stores need to stock some different types of yoyos. The only ones you see are the lowest end Duncans and ocasionally Yomega.

But, to tell the truth, there is not a very big market for high-end yoyo’s. Now, if we combine the commercials and the product distribution, then we might get more. One final thing we should add is the fact that no one knows what can be done with a yoyo. Most people assume it’s just a toy, and to change that, we need publicity. Nationals, Worlds, contests in general need to be on ESPN, or networks such as NBC, ABC, or even Fox. This will get people exited about the sport, and thus produce a market.

Yoyoexpert, General Yo and Yoyofactory should come out with more shirts. But NO slim fits! GET REAL!

I’ll just put my rant in this post.

YoyoFactory should make a new PGM without the spacers. For some reason, mine is scraping off. I suggest the yoyo should only have four main parts: 1) Body, 2) Axle, 3) Bearing, 4) Hubstacks. No more spacers. The bearing seat should be part of the body of the yoyo.

I’m pretty sure YYF was unsuccessful with that. Not 100% though.

Hopefully someone like Kim-Lan or rsmod123 could correct me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Axiom.

They do make new G5’s, and they discontinued the GM2 for a reason.

I think that’s a terrible idea in general, because General Yo didn’t even make the G5, so they would be infringing copyrights.

Also, I doubt Ernie would steal from YYF.

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Man, I have a lot on that list.

EDIT: It’s like they steal a patient from YYF. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it could be, I e-mailed Ben 2 months ago, and he said you’d have to buy a copy of the patient, or something like that. It was something about the patient.

Or you could make your own, but it would cost you almost $2,000 for a patient. :o

Exactly. I think there are way too many people who don’t know anything a yo-yo can do other than Rock the Baby or Around the World. And if yo-yoing did become more public, companies would start popping up and we’ll have more of a selection.

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Samad, did you edit your post? I never saw that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he means more of the Axiom, but yes, I did list it. :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t put the copying the G5 thing because it is disrespectful to other companies. Besides, didn’t B.I.S.T. make replica eight8eights?

i think he fixed the patient to patent

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I’m not good with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

New YoYofactory Shirts coming to YoYoExpert next month :smiley:

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This is what I hate about being a YYF fanboy, there is so much stuff to get! :stuck_out_tongue: