What makes you like a yoyo company?

What makes some of your favorite yoyo companies your favorite? How do they keep you as a customer?

Make gud yoyos


I agree with @andy569 lol!

I also might be a little biased towards YoYoFactory, but not only bc I’m sponsored by them, but because they are always pumping out Yo-Yos left and right!

There are many companies who come and go, but YoYoFactory since it began has been never shown any signs of slowing down.

They have a great team (lol) & are always thinking ahead and constantly thinking of new ideas and pushing the limits of yo-yos.

I love YoYoFactory!



Unique designs and colorways is something I look for. Keep innovating!


A lot of things, but for me is availability. Most of the time, if a company doesn’t have anything i can afford, i won’t care about them.


Seconded, I think it’s also nice when companies have a mixture of entry level models and not just a bunch of expensive hard to obtain high end models.

SF + OD = SK is a good example of this! $44 for a fantastic boutique metal throw. Although to be honest IMO SF should charge more for some of their models since they sell out in nanoseconds :wink:

I actually enjoy a little bit of exclusivity, I think. I agree that high price tags suck (for obvious reasons), but I like knowing that when I own something, that I don’t just own an object that there are hundreds of and that can be printed to demand on demand. I like knowing that the throw I own is an artwork, one of a certain number minted, that is both sought after by others and enjoyed more by those who own it because of that rarity, however much that might be.


I know you’re right… but we sell toys, it’s nice to try and keep prices lower.


I like this too, but I generally can’t afford the price tag. But I do enjoy producing wooden (unresponsive) pieces that are one-of-a-kind and getting them into thrower’s hands.


My favorite companies: AntiYo (the king imo), One Drop, CLYW, CoreCo, 44RPM, a/Rt, TMBR, Hildy. They all produce unique products, they are all owned by really good people, and they make fun yoyos. I’m sure SF would be on this list for me, but I was late and haven’t been able to buy any of their yoyos :pensive: Had plenty of opportunities, but because of one thing or another it just never worked out. But, same reason as the above, SF has style, unique yoyos, and an overall cool vibe going with them.

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Whwn i first started i was totally overwhelmed by so many makes, types, brands, and models. I made my mind up to pick just one company and ride their wave for a while. I chose CLYW.

For several years they were pretty much the only brand I followed. I didnt jump on every release but they had a solid string of older ones to try to find. It kept me engaged, pumped, and focused.

After a few years of this, I started to branch out here and there. Now ive got YYF, YYR, A-RT, a single G2 and Luftverk in my bag. Ive had many from OD, but currently do not have any. (on the hunt for a Zip Zop Summit however!)

I just loved the history, the colorways, the designs, the marketing, and PR. While they have been pretty quiet now behind the scenes, and the last several models they have released have not really interested me.

I am interested in getting an SF, but im waiting for the right colors. Those black with rainbow rims, thats what im looking for…

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A company owner that makes unique designs, a positive influence in the community, and supports his team’s players that he choose’s sponsor.

If the guy or lady is a good person, does good in the community, makes good yoyos…then whats not to like about em?

I think another thing for me is brand imagery. I really like a company that knows EXACTLY what it is about in terms of their themes.

I like a company owner that is direct with their customers, fanbase and customer service. An incredible example is Jacob of G-squared yoyos. He holds himself accountable with his brand, his team, his company. Accountability is important if you ask me.



Im not a very advanced thrower but i do have my favorite companys, I love recess, onedrop and YYf. What is most important for me is a company that focuses on consistancy and keeping their products affordable. Rarity is of little importance to me.

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I’m a yyf guy

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I don’t like mass producers like yyf or any of the Chinese brands. When I see a company just pumping out designs and yo-yos all the time it makes me view them as less genuine, like the yo-yos aren’t made by people. It’s like they’re made on an assembly line in some sort of yo-yo factory :thinking:
I really hope clyw doesn’t go in that direction but it’s looking more and more like they are

The people involved. Nobody makes bad yoyos anymore. They all function fine. I’m lucky that I know a lot of brand owners so I follow them, but I try to follow and buy from brands who are a big net positive to the community. The more good you do, the more money you’ll get from me.


Yoyos that look unique or play different from the norm, or high end plastics for the most part. I feel like a lot of yoyos rn feel or play the same with slight differences here and there. There are some throws that are different in today’s market, and when I see them I try to jump on them. The plastics really change that up for me as well… I feel like they’re all unique in their own ways. Aside from this, older general yos see something I’ve started collecting because when I started yoyoing they were the company I was most interested in, and love the old school feeling and their beautiful blast.

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I like yoyo companies that:

  • Make yoyos with high-performance bimetal-calibre spin times and stability, even in their monometal throws.
  • Make yoyos in (solid) colorways I like.
  • Make yoyos in high enough quantities that I don’t have to resort to BSTs to obtain them.
  • Make their yoyos available through YYE.

hi, my name is kevin, and i’m addicted to yo-yos.
i used to throw alone, and i thoughti was a player because i could do brain twister and (sometimes) split the atom on ano-jive. then, somehow or other, i saw How to be a Player, and entered into the downward spiral i now find myself in .
so i guess i have a soft spot in my head for the companies with the great teams that not only compete, but are demonstrators, like the old Duncan crew, and now days, the YYF team.
the energy and fun that these companies bring really made yoing whatever it is today.


What makes me like a yo-yo company? I really like things that are made in America, as an American I like to support artisans in my own country. So one drop is by far my favorite company. Even though they probably buy their bearings from China (I honestly have no idea).

Other than being designed machine and anodized in America, I really appreciate their top-notch customer service.

I saw this unfold just as I started getting into this community, and was instantly a devoted fan