What do you want to see?

I was thinking of some pretty interesting ideas for collabs and new products in general from various companies earlier, and I decided to ask you all what you want to see (that has never been announced) from your favorite companies.

Personally, I would love to see someone make a plastic yoyo, but with a fully metal face, kinda like a reversed YYJ Theory.
And then I have waaaaay more ideas, but that would take forever to type.

So what do you all want to see? (be creative) :wink:

That would be the yoyojam revival. Yoyojam also did a special edition quest the same way.

I still want a mono-yoyo from One Drop. It would probably take a lot of R&D though.

I personally would like to see Vendetta return. Even if not anodizing, it would be cool for him to at least be a part of the community.

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a one piece fixed axle made from solid billet preferably a stainless variety.

Speeder 2 shaped like Night Moves 7
or even better if the inner step can be a bit wider

Spyy to make a comeback… and I’d like to see Werrd get the credit they deserve… they make some great throws.

I’d also like to see a fixed axle division in contests… and more Artistic Performance routines.

Tech stuff is cool to us junkies, but most non yoyoers are impressed by the show tricks and fun things.

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I want more yoyos made out of what ever the x3 is made out of it. It was sooo light and floaty.

Duncan X YYF counterweight

Oh wait…

I want a nice “gimmicky” throw- something that’s just novelty but still kick ass. The yoyos coming out are great for competition, but I want something that shows off the creativity of the designer. Something off the beaten like the synergy or that one mighty flea with hubstacks thing

What i meant was like having the dimple for fingerspins, exept metal :wink:

6061 Aluminum. Also, what X3 are you talking about? X3 is a company, not a yoyo.

Oops i got so exited i forgot the yoyo, the seed is what i was talking about

I would love to see Sturm Panzer do their take on the wooly marmot 2. With the super thin 7075 like the leo sniper and some brass rings but a wm2 kind of shape maybe slightly larger diameter.

I would like to see more hubstacked Duncan Imperials :stuck_out_tongue:

More properly done cut-outs ala SPYY Radian Super Light. Really want something titanium with cut-outs. Hnnnng. So tired of boring yoyos. With all of the new companies and manufacturing techniques and available materials i think it’s pretty hilarious that yoyo innovation basically peaked 5 years ago.

^^^Ti with cut outs, That’s a great idea! People would be all over that.

I would like to see Ernie @ General Yo produce a Titanium version of either the KLR, or the Majesty with the anodizations done by “Vendetta”.

That would be all I can ask for. :wink:


Those exist?!?!??!?!??!??!? :o :o :o :o :o :o