Company Suggestions?

Basically, if you could have XXX company change Y, than what would it be?

For me, onedrop, bring back the M1!!!

In my opinion there is only one yoyo I wish could be brought back. The GeneralYo Torrent. Not a torrent 2 but the OG.

i wish CLYW would make some more marmots :frowning: I’ve checked B/S/T threads and all the ones I’ve ever come across were either fool’s gold, a colorway that doesn’t suit me, or crazy rare and I would feel guilty if I beat it up.

general yo hatrick

Big Brother Bully. It was my first serious metal and I love the thing to death. I want another one just to have.

Theres a lot, that I cant remember. But I really wish YoYoJam would bring back the Aquarius. :wink:

I think there is a ton of demand for the Hatrick. I know that I would get one if they were brought back.

yyj aquarius
general yo hatrick i wanna throw one SO BAD

This is starting to become a “I want this yoyo back” thread.

I want YoyoFactory to stop making so many huge, hollow feeling yoyos. I like my yoyos with meat on their bones :stuck_out_tongue:

Anti-yo, should make more things.

Maybe have CLYW resurrect the peak? I also think it would be cool if CLYW did more work with Levi

I dont care what company does it but I want to see a Tungsten Carbide yoyo, it would prolly have to be undersized if not a mini, that is some heavy UNDINGABLE stuff… besides a raw tungsten carbide yoyo would look SO much cooler than a raw aluminum yoyo. The problem would be it’s price tag… Dreams are dreams… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea… just because I started off with 1drop’s m1… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I want more rounded rim shapes, like where the outside of the rim is low, the middle’s the highest, and the inside goes down, making a rainbow like rim shape that goes into the gap, like the bassalope or addiction… I find those real comfy.

I’d have YYJ make Kicksides with dual o-rings so I can say with 100% confidence that they make the best plastic yoyos. I’m rather sick of recommending Kicksides to people with the caveat that they have to spend twice as much or send the yoyo off to a modder to get the yoyo to play like it really should.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change. Even if it is, they’ll probably find some way to ruin it, like permashimming it or changing the axle system…seems like companies will do anything to keep from having the perfect yoyo.

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i wish generalyo would come out with yoyos faster and in greater quantity. it seems like it takes for ever to come out, but then it comes and goes in a second

i wish clyw would bring back the bvm peak and marmot alll amazing

My vote is for RecRev. Make more yoyo’s per batch!
Iv been trying to get my hand on an electric daisy and i just cant find it :stuck_out_tongue:

SPPY should stop with that “no spike” garbage. I mean, one of 'em looks like a freaking fundametal…

ILYY also needs to do more yoyos with thier signature hub :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: And CLYW. I find their hubs bland and uninteresting.

I like hubs like that. Simple and there. I like simple yoyos… they’re not supposed to be a swiss army knife jammed with everything.

BTW, @lookayoyo, my theory is, if a company makes smaller batches, than they’ll have better quality. I think. I really like small company yoyos, and just… feel better with them. Probably a personal thing though.

Ah, it would be so nice if it were that simple, wouldn’t it?