A guide to the companies

Hey people of the throwing community, I just thought that it would be a good idea to help out beginners if we came up with a list of what kind of yo-yos each company produces. I’ve noticed that most companies have a certain style and feel to what kind of yo-yos they manufacture. So here is my list, add suggestions in the replies and I will add them to the list.

yoyofactory-geared towards creating a wide range of yo-yos at a wide rang of prices for a wide rang of players. they have tons of throws to select from

yoyojam-similar to yoyofactory, though with more yo-yos for beginners. They also have a good amount of high-end competition yo-yos. Overall they have a lot of great plastic/metal combinations.

CLYW-one of the most popular companies, CLYW creates expensive, high end throws. They have great art and from my experience are generally made for feeling nice and are super fun to have. They are also fantastic for competitions.

One drop-Another super popular company that also creates expensive throws (though with a little more variation) though their yo-yos are more made for competitions, and all have super long spin times and ridiculous stability.

Duncan-definatly the old-timer of the group, they make mostly cheap plastics that you pick up at the local toy shop, though they do have some high-end metals that have been well-recieved.

Recrev-One of my personal favorites, recrev is a company that makes $100 throws for about $70. They also have about a bajillion models, though they are not sold on many stores. They need more attention.

ILYY- a german company that is generally exerted to be less popular that it should be. (somebody add more info, I haven’t tried any of their throws!)

Xcube- a rather new french company that is geared towards innovation design! they have some of the craziest shapes out there, and are still coming. Though the shape does not take away from the playability, they are really great to throw.

G2-the new kid on the block, G2, was recently formed by Brett Grimes and Jake Gross who teamed up with one drop to create 2 new fantastic throws. The yoyo community expects them to be up there with CLYW and one drop!

General Yo- A small company completely based in the USA that manufactures high end yoyos. They gained traction early, though they didn’t make many yo-yos for competition, until recently when they made the KLR. General Yo is also said to have the smoothest yoyos on the market. Their yo-yos are definitely sought after.

RaYoyos-a super small company that doesnt actually have any yoyos out yet except like 3 people have one and theyre super duper swell. (from the founder himself)

A lot of this is subjective. When was it established that CLYW makes the three best yoyos of all time? Who said YoYoJam yoyos are for beginners? It’s a good idea, but one of the best parts about any hobby is being able to venture out and discover your preferences.

Good concept, although it would be more useful if more companies were added.

And in reguards to this-

Where do base this statement off of and what yoyos do you think fall into this category?


Also, I’m still adding companies, though I need help from the rest of you guys to supply me with information. I haven’t tried them all.

There are quite a few people who loathe the AC’s slimmer-than-usual gap which is no surprise since yoyos are such a personal thing.

I like the idea of having company profiles but I can’t think of any properly subjective way to it.


C3 aren’t Chinese. They’re a Hong Kong based company.


I think the recent attempts at “buyers guides” are done with the best of intentions and truest of spirit, but ultimately, all of them have been heavily biased, flawed and end up causing more confusion, arguments. Stuff gets left out, people disagree, preferences and opinions get injected as opposed to being more fair.

They aren’t helping. I wish they were helping. Yoyo is just too subjective. I try to be unbiased, and I tend to say when I’m being biased, but even so, personal preferences manage to make their way through.

Again, the concept, motivation and intentions all come from a good place. It’s honestly best if people just simply ask questions and then people provide answers. It’s far from perfect, but it’s more easy to digest as it’s very topical and specific to the person asking the question.

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C3 isn’t on there…

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Yoyojam isn’t for beginners only.

Think about all of the very high end metal throws coming from them.


Next level.

And think about Takeshi Matsuura (I hope I spelled that right) he’s a, what, four time world champion, and he uses YYJ exclusively (seeming as though hes sponsored by them) like the quest and the destiny.

And also, the bi metals are NOT beginner yoyos. Think about the inspire, and the X con “PRO”(fessional), pro level yoyos,

No offense, but I’m only going to trust someone who has played almost every throw from the company they are talking about and knows what they’re talkin bout on matters of reviewing a whole company.

No hate bro.

Here’s one for General Yo in case you haven’t tried them. Feel free to use it, if you want.

General Yo- A small company completely based in the USA that manufactures high end yoyos. Their first release was in 2008 (also when the company was founded) with the Torrent, and gained major success with their next few releases. Although none of the yoyos were specifically designed for competition play, recently they’ve changed gears a bit and have began to produce yoyos made for competition, like the KLR. General Yo is also said to have the smoothest yoyos on the market. Many people use the term “General Yo smooth” when talking about yoyos. Their yoyos are available in limited quantities, which is unfortunate as they are highly sought after by both the collector and player. Many people say once you pick up a General Yo, you won’t go back.

That was a bit long but whatevs lol

It is important to point out that YoYoJam has a variety of yo-yo’s for any skill level. Most importantly, they are all made in the USA.

RaYoyos is a super small company that doesnt actually have any yoyos out yet except like 3 people have one and theyre super duper swell.