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I fourth this motion. Ya hear that mods?

the best advice come from those who have personally done things…

Thanks Steve and I agree with all your points
And especially with 2 point. But I’m not agreeing with 6 th point.

Because I don’t have enough funds to make all these things at one time so
I thought that making things in which
People are more interested and after the stuff sells u can make all of these stuff.

With some votes on Display case And TShirts I’m going to make some of these first and I already have a parts case ready so I’m going to make another post on b/s/t and link it here.

Very true

I only really chimed in here for a simple reason. I noticed Parvar is from India. Or at least his Profile says India. So if he is indeed from India(A Business to be based in India) than I would think even after following Steves very reality based suggestions; that Parvar consider the possible Major shipping pains/trouble/costs of shipping Products from India to other Countries.

And some Countries just have better shipping systems than others. That is just the way it is.

You can make up some really nice Products. And you can have the Best Quality and the Best attitude and the best Product prices… On paper. But when you factor the logistics and costs of moving items; it just might not be cost effective.

The end.

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Dang, doc, from biker to yoyo man, what a transition. (I kid ;))

I see what you’re doing (trying to do market research, I assume) but it can come off as asking people to design your company for you if not executed smoothly.

The shipping from India to USA is 5 dollars to 10 dollars.

It might come off like that but doing some research before doing some thing is a good thing.

OK so I’m almost there making the display cases and storage box now I want a dealer pm for Information you can get free things.