Been doing some brainstorming, looking for a bit of feedback.

I’ve begun thinking about trying to make a personal contribution to the yoyo community. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I like wearing yoyo related T-shirts. Trying to gauge community interest in a new enterprise. I’ve got a few designs in the works and wondering if it would be worth the time and effort.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

these actually sound really cool especially if there cool yoyo t-shirts. I think it would be cool to have some yoyo t-shirts that aren’t related to yoyo company there could be some really cool ones.

Actually, this is kinda a coincidence, because I was making my own designs related to yoyoing just for myself (iron on t shirt designs are too fun to make! ;D). This is a great idea, having some yoyo paraphernalia to wear and share the love

Thanks for the feedback so far!

I’m thinking some with just designs, others with quotes or the like. Looks like there’s at least a bit of interest out there.

Sounds cool. I might be interested if the design is good and the price is right.

I think that might be a cool idea. I like the robot yoyo t-shirt on this site. I like the ones that aren’t too serious and are subtle on the yoyo.

I would want like a cool yoyo pun or something or some art

I like yoyo shirts. But they still need to have decent graphic design sensibilities. Just large letters screaming “I <3 YOYO” doesn’t do it for me.

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It’s all about the design. If you make a good design, then i’d want it. If it is too busy, or childish, or just ugly, then I’d have to pass.

I’m glad to have gotten the good feedback thus far, thank you all for voting and contributing. I’ve got 2 designs mocked up this far and working to finalize them as well as figuring out the logistics and where/how they will be sold. This idea is still in the beginning stages, so I wouldn’t expect to see them for sale in the immediate future, but the ball is rolling.

You all are more than welcome to suggest designs you’d like to see. Like I stated in the original post, this is for the community, and I want to make sure people are receiving a product they enjoy.