New Yoyo Product! Who would be interested?

Hi guys! I’m a yoyo player from Idaho, my name is Elijah, and I’m 14. I’m currently developing a new company that I’m calling “YOYOZOO”. My first product is something totally new to the yoyo world, and I’m wondering if anyone would be interested! Its going to be a pair of shorts, that will have unique graphics and colors on it, but that isn’t what makes it special. I know that when I carry my yoyos around, it hurts my knees and sometimes even bruises them from having them in my cargo pockets. Not fun! And when I wear a holster to show off my brand new throw, it hits every metal thing in sight and makes a ton of noise until I just take it off. So my new shorts will have padded pockets, and also have a clear plastic on the window on the pockets, so you can show off your yoyos without it being obnoxious, and so you can carry them and run with them without being in pain and getting bruised knees! I would absolutely LOVE a response. I’m an aspiring yoyoer and trying to be an entrepreneur and have put in a lot of time and would love some feedback from the people who I’m trying to do this for. Thanks so much you guys and happy throwing!


I would personally not be interested in such a product. I have no problems putting yoyos in my normal side pockets. Good luck in your future endeavors!

To be honest, your idea seems a little ridiculous. I’m not saying it’s won’t sell or succeed, but seriously, yoyo shorts? Most people don’t have the problem you are having, and not that many people wear cargo shorts anyways. Not trying to be downer, but it sounds like you need to think out your ideas a little more.

How about a cool yoyo vest instead! It would be like John Popper’s harmonica vest… But you are only 14 so I’m not sure you would know who John Popper is… Either way man good luck with the endeavor; I wish I had your drive when I was that age. I just wanted to play video games all day.

thanks for the feedback. i guess im the only one with my problem… crap. but ya i appreciate the honesty. any ideas of a way to change this? im kinda locked into it now but…

ya… i guess it is pretty out there. im still going to try to eventually make yoyos themselves so when that comes ill hopefully have some success. as far as the current idea, i guess ill see how it works out. maybe ill crash and burn, maybe i wont. itll be fun to find out i guess.

It can’t hurt to try, even if it doesn’t work out it’ll be a good lesson. :wink:

put the throw in your backpack

or clip it on your holster, then tuck the yoyo into your front pocket

unless I go out and have to dress for dinner etc I only wear hiking shorts so your idea is a good start.
the only issue is the plastic pocket front as it will not wash well and end up falling apart.

keep at it and pay no attention to those who do not like your idea. come to the West Coast and all you see is shorts all year…


Its a pretty cool idea. I dont have a use for it becuase I just use a holster and tuck it in my front pocket. And I live in minnesota so its kinda too cold for shorts 3/4 of the year.

Instead of making the pockets out of plastic for the reasons mentioned above you could try using some sort of mesh that you could still see through but would also look nice.

Good luck

I’d definitely be interested in these. It sounds like a great idea.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Yoyo fanny packs. Thats something I can see people getting into. Make it hold like 4-6 yoyos. You may use this ingenious idea.

Now that’s an idea! ;D

People will think you are wearing batmans utility belt.

to the OP. Interesting idea. You should do some research on business feasibility. How many pairs of shorts are you going make? Who’s going to make them? Who’s going to sell them? What are the startup costs? How will you grow the business. Everything financial, like taxes. In the end business is about making money. Make your decisions oriented towards that goal.

Good luck

i’m interested by the idea but, no the see through part i think that could look a little ridiculous.

i could see that working… it would definitely be worth looking into. maybe ill try that after this. its not like there is an idea limit!

thanks man!